Zachary Weeks

Currently working on my second peaking cycle with Jay and I have managed to increase my strength exponentially thanks to his expertise. His programming has been fantastic and not too much for a regular Joe, like me to handle. The programming is set up to be a great challenge every workout in the best ways possible and always shocks me at what I can do once the cycle is through. Thanks to Jay I managed to increase my powerlifting total from 1003 to 1085 in only 12 weeks. I am right in the middle of my second cycle and have already begun working with my maxes from my last meet for multiple reps. Jay is a fantastic programmer, knowledgeable coach, and a great person to know.

I don’t really have any before and after pics because ive just been gaining weight to fill out 220 class and no one wants to see that haha

Thanks Jay!

Zac “the kid that dresses way too loud” Weeks

Zac and his girlfriend, Breanna
Zac and his girlfriend, Breanna