Online Training

Services Offered:

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition plans are given in macros plans complete with easy to fill out tracking sheets for weekly accountability, a food list to help you plan your shopping and meal prep, and email/phone access to me for assistance along the way so you meet your goals. Weight loss, minimal fat gain mass gain, cutting weight for a competition, or general fitness goals are welcome.

  • Training

    Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, General Aesthetics, Fitness, Sports Performance. Your individualized training plan is developed after conversing via email or phone, filling out a comprehensive question sheet, and taking into account your weaknesses and strengths. Plans are updated weekly on the Train Heroic platform where you will be able to view and track workouts using this app on your phone or laptop. No more spreadsheets to fill out and email, it is as simple as a workout log on your phone.

  • Training and Nutrition

    This combines both the above for a complete training package. The benefits of this package is a “package rate” instead of two separate prices from two different coaches.

Prices are by request only, use the Contact Page for inquires.


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