The A.S.S. Book 2



He finished it.

Look, it took a long time but that was for some pretty good reasons.

  1. The ebook market is saturated AF and I was not into adding another book to it.
  2. I am busy. I run a pretty decent online training business, I have clients in person, and I just didn’t make the time to prioritize this book.
  3. I didn’t feel like it.

I don’t have testimonials from fitness experts all over the place to write some goddamn amazing ad copy to make you say:

“Wow this fucking guy’s friends wrote good reviews for the book, holy shit, that amount of mutual ball-washery is convincing me to buy this”

Nope, ain’t got time for that.

I did give it away to some great friends as a thank you for their friendship, and they loved it.

You can either choose to believe that or not, but do you truly believe some testimonial from a “well known friend” anyway?

No, you don’t. You know deep inside that most of those testimonials are 100% bullshit and meant to drive sales.

You believe a track record of proven success as a coach/trainer and the material they put out.

That is why you buy certain things from certain coaches and that is exactly why I buy from certain people.

There isn’t a thing wrong with that… quality > slick marketing.

I mean you CAN have both, but that is another story.


Book one was a lot of fun to write and implement.

Book two was even more fun.

I ran a test group for the peaking program at the end of the book. 10 people total. Seven of them ended up being remote clients.

They all got stronger and hit PR’s during this test run.

I implemented this peaking program with personal clients.

All hit PRs in meets.

Not in every lift, I am not some goddamn wizard or amazing, but PRs happened more often than not.

The other program templates in the book were tested in the field with myself, clients, and small groups.

Book one had an entire damn gym running it, book two eclipses the information in Book one with the tweaks and mods you will read.

I am proud of this one, just as much as I was the first one.

Let’s take a taste of it:

  • Introduction
  • The RPE System
  • Changing from Max Effort to Not So Max Effort
  • You Are Slow as Hell Tweak
  • The More Volume Tweak
  • The Bro Tweak
  • The Power Athlete Tweak
  • Assistance Work
  • Prepare for ASS Phase 2
  • ASS Phase 2
  • Week One to Four – Accumulation
  • Accumulation, Transmutation, Realization
  • Week Five to Eight – Transmutation Phase
  • Week Nine to Twelve – Realization Phase
  • Meet Week and Meet Day
  • Closing words
  • Appendix – RPE and Percentages – How to Guesstimate
  • Last Goddamn Chapter

That is 78 pages of information with:

No filler bullshit

No fluff

No typical “this is how you lift” stuff you can find on YouTube or actually hire a coach to learn

Templates, tweaks, information about them, and the peaking protocol that I use (and used) to prep people to smash PRs in powerlifting meets.


This peak won’t beat you down into a submission either.

Ok, this is long enough and my anti-ad-copy is now ad copy.

Maybe that was my goal after all, eh?

For real though… thank you for reading, and if you choose to purchase this book, I am 100% confident you will find success utilizing the templates as my clients have and I have.

I follow my own programs… I occasionally drift off into other’s coaching to learn and to get a fresh eye on my training, but I always come back to what works best for me.

What works best is what I have initially created as a method to help me in the gym.

That is the book you are about to purchase and one I stand tall with.

I appreciate those who trust in my work enough to purchase it and use it.

Thank you, truly.

Buy Ashman Strength Book 2 for $15.99

If you want the first book that is still for sale here.