Susanne Kimball

Susanne “MomFit” Kimball

I’ve always been active in some way growing up with sports, and in 2014 started doing figure competitions as a new way to challenge myself. I’m a trainer and had been making my own programs for awhile, but when I decided to do my first powerlifting meet I wanted to hire someone who’s done this before and knew the sport. I wanted a guide, and I figured I’d learn something from Jay.

I started training with him because I knew I needed an extra push to help me overcome some mental stuff with my lifts. Jay was an awesome encourager; yelling (in a nice, you can do this kind of way) is just what I needed, and that seems to come naturally to him ;). The powerlifting style was different than what I was used to and I loved it. I always felt safe during my lifts. He won’t let you do anything stupid or unsafe just so you can lift something-which is great for anyone new to lifting who may not know otherwise. I had a lot of fun during training sessions and confidence in my lifts grew. Jay is also fun to talk to and a genuine person. Even though I had to say ‘what?’ a lot because of his thick east coast accent :D.

Jay is great with people who have no athletic background as well as all levels of athletes. About halfway through my meet prep I found out I was pregnant. I decided to continue to prep and compete, I’d been lifting for years and knew my body and my form was good so I wouldn’t hurt myself. While I didn’t try to set any crazy new maxes since I was pregnant, I kept up doing what I knew I could do and felt great about being able to lift heavy. I competed at 11 weeks pregnant. Overall I loved the experience and will be back at it as soon as I can once my baby is born. I’m planning for a fall 2017 meet. Thanks Jay for being my mental ‘spotter’ and for your knowledge and encouragement. Words I’ll remember every time under the bar, “don’t overthink it, just squat. You’re good enough for this. You deserve this.”

Random gym pic
Random gym pic