Online Coaching Services

Remote training Details:

  • Weekly updates, not a monthly spreadsheet and see you later
  • Comprehensive intake form to determine the best way to proceed with your program
  • Accountability with check-ins via text or email at least twice a week
  • Workouts delivered via TrueCoach with the ability to upload form checks, post results, and comments for me to view and analyze
  • Access to the private clients’ Facebook group
  • Specificity towards your goals, injury history, and equipment access
  • Competition prep, peaking, and game day strategy
  • We flat out communicate as often as we need to ensure your success

Nutrition Counseling Details:

  • Customized nutrition counseling based on your compliance with eating style and goals
  • Initial detailed consultation to determine your best course of action
  • Weekly check-in to ensure you are staying the course as well as more frequent check-ins as needed. There aren’t any limits to how often we communicate if that is what is needed for you to get on track
  • Plan delivered via macros and corresponding meal plan layout with weights and measurements to help you even more
  • Nutrition coaching tailored to fit your style of tracking food

What does that mean for you?

You email me, we talk, and find out your goals. I will send you off the intake form which is about 7 pages long of questions you will need to answer. It is detailed for a reason. Not only do I want to know about what you need from training, but I also want to know what you need from a coach.

This form was created with the help of Julie Slowiak, BCBA, PhD. The questions are designed to help me with understanding what type of coaching style works best for you and what is important to you as a client.

The simple fact is, you are paying for results, and they will be delivered to you with your hard work.

After you sign up, you are invited to my private client group, which is located off of Facebook. I will contact you at least twice a week outside of your program updates to ensure you are compliant, successful, and to be your coach.

I work hard to help you, and I expect the same hard work from my clients.

It’s your money, these are your goals, don’t forget that.

Contact me below and let’s get started