Online Coaching Services

I will cut to the chase and throw my online fees up for you.

Training only – 150 dollars per month

  • Weekly updates, not a monthly spreadsheet and see you later
  • Accountability with check-ins via text or email at least once a week
  • Workouts delivered via The FitBot with the ability to upload form checks, post results, and comments for me to view and analyze
  • Access to the private clients’ Facebook group
  • Specificity towards your goals, injury history, and equipment access

Training and Nutrition – 250 dollars per month

  • All of the above
  • Customized nutrition counseling based on your compliance with eating style and goals
  • Weekly check-in to ensure you are staying the course
  • Assist with meal planning and food education if needed

Ashman Strength Premier Package in Partnership with SteadyMD – 350 per month

  • Training and Nutrition
  • Personalized medical care from SteadyMD
  • Utilize concierge medicine from a doctor who understands our specific needs
  • Insurance covers prescriptions and testing
  • Cover your training, diet plan, and convenient medical care all in one

Contact me below and let’s get started