Nick Dailey

Nick “The Bulldog” Dailey

When I first started working with Jay I was benching 385, squatting around 535, and pulling 500. By week 74 of my training, I was squatting 525×3 @RPE9. Obviously this was a crazy PR considering that my best squat with wraps was 535. These squats were in sleeves, no wraps.

In the same week, I hit 415x3x2 @RPE9 in a pause bench. At my second official meet, I benched 450, squatted 590, and pulled 600 for a total of 1640. Prior to working with Jay I had always thought about competing but never had the confidence to do so. Working with A.S.S. gave me the confidence in my numbers to finally step on the platform and reach numbers I thought were well out of reach.

Lastly, it should be noted that I am also a macro client. When I first started training with Jay the goal was to gain weight. I went from 218 to 238 at my most recent meet weigh in which was in July. I am continuing to shed the pounds in my overall goal off getting down to around 230. Again, don’t know where I’d be without his guidance.