Jon Pietrunti

Jonny “That Grey Area” Pietrunti

I’ve been working with Jay for almost a year now. Coming off of a fairy rough hip/groin injury, I was looking to gain back lost strength and mass, as well as just feel better overall.

As a strength and conditioning coach, I have always been reluctant to give up control of my programming to someone else. However, I began to realize that I would consistently mold my programs in order to avoid doing movements I hated and favor my favorite lifts. This was fine in my early 20s, but in my mid thirties I was unbalanced, achy, and chronically in pain.  I needed to hand the reins over to someone with a knowledge of programming, coaching, and aging athletes.

Jay put me at ease with programming that is flexible, intelligent, and effective. Jay’s use of basic compound lifts, coupled with smartly selected accessory work and a thorough knowledge of periodization, allowed me to regain my strength AND size, all while feeling better and remaining injury free. In an industry where trainers try to outdo each other with unnecessarily complex exercise selections, Jay’s programming shows a mastery of the basic, tried and true methods of strength development that seem simple to incorporate into programs, yet can be difficult in practice.

More than just a trainer, Jay also has extensive experience as an actual COACH. His ability to “talk me off of the ledge” has been instrumental in my progress over he last year. He listens, gets to know you, and works with you to establish a long term vision and process. To say that this is rare in this industry is an understatement.

As I look to shift my goals for next year, I’m confident that I can rely on Jay’s expertise to get me where I need to be. Jay is one of the best coaches out there, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.