John Shaffer

John “longest running online client ever” Shaffer

I first met Jay Ashman about two and a half years ago when I first learned I was going to be deployed to Afghanistan.

It was the best decision I ever made for my training. He helped me prepare for a rigorous 12 month long deployment of an Infantryman in unforgiving terrain. I was able to make huge strides in my strength, endurance, and overall size.

Even throughout my deployment, he would go out of his way to help me, whether it was a question I had or to do a program for me. I wholeheartedly believe that any soldier in the area should consider working with Jay. This is a great way for any soldier to improve their PT score, lose weight, get into better shape, or just to get stronger.

I believe that Jay is one of the best trainers in the area, hands down. The training you get with Jay is second to none. The program that he has developed is something unique and unlike anything else you’ve ever done. I’ve had great gains in my bench, deadlift, and squat with it.

This is a program that can be tailored to fit anyone’s needs. It is not a program that you sit in front of a mirror for forty-five minutes doing curls. Jay has spent hours upon hours in the gym analyzing and perfecting it, even with the people who have used it. When you enlist in Jay’s new program, you better bring your lunch pail because you’re going to work your butt off.

With that being said I believe Jay is great guy and he knows what he’s doing. He’s been to numerous seminars across the country, and spent countless hours in the gym perfecting his program. Jay doesn’t let you slack off one bit; he motivates and encourages you the whole time. I wish I knew about Jay sooner, and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

SPC Shaffer, John OANG


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