Erik Castiglione

Erik “I look like a lawyer but I’m not” Castiglione

When I first started training with Jay, I was a broken down, demoralized amateur CrossFit competitor. In an effort to grow stronger, I had stolen bits and pieces from various programs and compiled them together. This resulted in chronic shoulder pain and a regression in strength. After reading the ASS book, I reached out to Jay hoping for some personalized programming. Jay was incredibly responsive, and literally within 10 minutes I was good to go.

Over the course of 3 years, I saw tremendous strength gains with Jay’s program. I was able to get back to competing in CrossFit, and eventually switched to Strongman. Jay prepped me for my first competition, where I took 4th place (2nd out of the lightweights). Most importantly, he helped me correct my muscle imbalances and the pain in my shoulder finally subsided. I hit personal bests on all of my lifts, including bench and overhead presses, pain free, for the first time in 14 months. My gains are below:

Front Squat – 275 for 1 to 340 for 4 reps
Back Squat – 330 for 1 to 370 for 4 reps
Deadlift – 385 for 1 to 450 for 5 reps
Bench – 275 for 1 to 300 for 5 reps without pain
Overhead Press – 180 to 215 without pain
Push Press – 225 for 1 to 250 for 2 without pain
Continental Clean and Jerk: 200 to 270
Log Clean and Press: 210 to 265
Axle Deadlift: 335 to 445

 I cannot recommend Jay enough.