Daniel Hentges

Daniel “The Man” Hentges

I trained with Jay during my meet prep for Relentless Detroit in November of 2015.  The time I spent training alongside him was invaluable.  Not only did I get the training necessary to enable me to hit PR’s on the platform, but I gained the knowledge necessary to be able to apply that to my own training for the next Relentless meet in July 2016.
Jay has a natural ability to break down each movement and help you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing instead of “here, do this.”  He takes the time to analyze your lifting and points out what weaknesses you need to work on to help your lifts.
His diet approach is also very straight forward. He helped me drop a weight class while adding almost 150 lbs to my total in 8 months.  No drastic weight cuts and no getting rid of too many treats (I’m a fat kid at heart, so getting rid of certain foods isn’t easy for me) were needed.  Just a straight forward macro-based plan that I believe anyone can follow.
I highly recommend Jay’s coaching services and look forward to getting his help again in the future