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Everyone needs it in some form or another; business, marketing, gym, food, sports… pick one.

We all can’t be blessed with all the knowledge in the world, so we have the luxury to learn from others.

I want you to think about putting your pride aside, stop spinning your wheels, and leave the details to a professional – like myself.

Allow me to take on the tasks of:

  1. Writing your workouts up for you
  2. Helping you with your eating plan
  3. Showing you how to train optimally with solid form
  4. Win you over with my winning personality of sarcasm, wit, and ridiculous NY accent
  5. Guide you every step of the way on this path


I have a lot of experience in this business. I have played professional level sports. I have trained people from all walks of life. I have worked with elite powerlifters, competitive bodybuilders, and John Doe who wants to be in better shape. I don’t discriminate, all I want is your MAXIMUM EFFORT, BABY! Give me your best and you will make magic happen.

This is my career.

I take pride in my work… and your results ARE my work.

What really makes me crack a slight grin are seeing texts from clients that tell me they dropped 30 pounds so far, they are hitting personal records on lifts, or just enjoying life better since they started up with me.

Hell, I have an ego… we ALL do. Your results feed my ego because I am PROUD of you and proud that I am able to help you achieve those goals.

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Welcome back.

Now you have an idea of what to expect from training online or offline.

Read some testimonials in the drop down menu above, send me the contact form below, and let’s work on making your goals into some real ass results.

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