whAt’S YouR ExcUse

Is there anything as patronizing as those ridiculous “What’s your excuse” memes as you see here?

The idea behind them, supposedly, is to show you what someone does physically who’s beset by a disability or detrimental physical ailment. By doing so the intent is to shame you into looking at your easy life and thinking, “well, this person who lost both legs in a car accident is benching 500 pounds, what’s my excuse for being a loser?”

If the Venn diagram of what’s your excuse memes overlapped positive results it would be a minor crossing of lines.


Someone else’s motivation isn’t yours.

Someone else’s struggle isn’t yours.

Someone else’s physical shortcomings aren’t yours.

Someone else’s mental willpower to overcome isn’t yours.

What’s your excuse memes are the equivalent of scrolling through Instagram seething with envy because you aren’t built like a greek god.

It is up to you, not someone else, to find your intrinsic motivation. That motivation needs to be selfish, rewarding for you, lasting, sustainable, and achievable.

What’s your excuse? Only you can answer that question for yourself, not answer it by living vicariously through someone else’s story


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