Your 10 commandments

  1. I will use my gym time to focus on my goals, train with an intent to improve, and not use it to waste time socializing over pushing weight.
  2. I will not let a physical setback keep me away from progression. Greater men and women than you have done great things despite them, you can too.
  3. I will eat to fuel my activity and ignore external pressure to conform to a body type. The images you see plastered online and in the media are not you, ignore them and create what you are, not what someone else is.
  4. I will take the gym lessons and apply them to life. Dedication, perseverance, pushing past a comfort zone, being uncomfortable to grow, planning.
  5. I will learn to rest properly and not think “more is better”. Like all things in life, it is easy to do too much.
  6. I will be proud of what I am building but not be prideful. Carry yourself knowing it can all be over tomorrow. Training enhances your life, not becomes it.
  7. I will be a sponge for improvement. Allow yourself room to learn more without the need to fix what isn’t broken.
  8. I will never forget the pillars of a great program. Squat, bench, deadlift, press, row. From those 5 movements you have thousands of variations between them.
  9. I will be conditioned. Your strength is only as effective as how well you utilize it in your life.
  10. I will not treat training as a chore. This is for you, it will last you a lifetime. Enjoy it and reap the benefits.


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