The death of your modern world

We exist in a world where convenience overrides your primal instinct, a world where your instincts are killed off in lieu of the path of least resistance.

It isn’t your fault, it is the nature of “progress”. No longer do humans in the western world collectively need to endure the task of survival, our survival is made more convenient and less rewarding.

Unless you choose to, you never have to hunt for a single thing you eat. You never have to go into your garden to dig up your vegetables and dirty your hands with the food you grew. You can get into your car, drive to the local market, and have everything given to you with the simple scan of a credit card.

No longer does your physical fitness determine your outcomes. We don’t live on the range anymore. We live in an era when your entire life can be spent without a single finger lifted for physical activity, and you can be wildly successful and thrive despite it.

Our fitness and strength; therefore, is a choice.

You choose to be active despite not needing to be. Evolution doesn’t punish you because our lifestyles aren’t as harsh as our predecessors.

You choose to be strong despite physical strength not determining how you succeed in life. You don’t need to haul your food in from a kill or plow your own fields anymore. The fingers that I type this article with can be your career of choice. Sedentary and weak can reward you.

This is considered progress but in many ways it is a regression.

We are humans, we evolved into beings that built pyramids, laid the Great Wall of China, conquered nations, and we are now the same beings that download the latest dance move for Fortnite.

This is all the more reason to have time set aside for your physical pursuits, and learn to be uncomfortable with them.

Run, lift, build muscle, learn to move, learn to eat, sustain it, build on it, suffer through the agony of progress, and be rewarded with knowing you are doing the work humans are meant to be doing.

You are becoming someone better, not because you are stronger or more fit, your improvements are in your head. You are beginning to understand what it feels like to test your physical abilities and limits. That is a feeling worth cultivating and embracing.

In a modern world, there are limited opportunities to do what humans were meant to do.

Go do shit and feel human.


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