A.S.S. 2.1 – Behemoth: A Preview

Time for a new, definitive, progressive, solid A.S.S.

After my first two ebooks used the RPE system, I saw a pressing need to develop my own percentage based method of putting some goddamn weight on the bar and moving it.

Two methods stand out as the definitive programs for this: Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and Swede’s 5th Set. I will be full of shit if I say these programs didn’t inspire me to do my own and I thank both of these men for providing some superb work for people to progress on.

I am a coach, and a coach experiments, develops, and creates. We teach and we are inspired by others. Charlie Francis inspired a host of track coaches. Louie Simmons laid down a library of knowledge for others to expand on, grow from, and use. I recognize those that inspire me and I thank them for it.

The first book was the base A.S.S. program, a program I have fallen back on time and time again to reset my goals, progress intelligently, and move forward. It filled the needs of many people, some of who still use it to this day.

The second book was an expansion pack for the first book. I took the base program, adapted it for a bodybuilding style, performance training, specific powerlifting work, and ended it with a peaking program to prepare for the platform. As I was finishing the book I was secretly planning to take over the Midwest with a gym; program creation would have to wait.

One night, sitting at a Youth Rec League baseball game, I had this idea.

While my wife’s son played ball, I was tapping away the basis of a program on my phone. It would be labled Ashman Strength System 2.1 Pure Fucking Strong. Once I had the layout sketched out in front of me, it started to flow, and I decided to test it myself.

After a few months doing it, I was liking the results. My squat was going up again, my bench was moving, and I figured it was time to put it to the test with clients, and a testing group.

Right now I have 24+ people doing the program between the dedicated testing group, personal clients who I am tweaking variables for, and powerlifters at my gym.

As I tweak the program, changing what needs to be changed, fixing what needs to be fixed, and writing the pages of my 3rd self-released ebook I decided to name the program “Behemoth”.

Two reasons why. After my preferred band of choice to listen to while I train, and because this program will create a behemoth like state out of you.

This is a pure strength building protocol that will end with a peaking program for those who want to compete on the platform.

It is three total phases of work:

  1. Foundational Phase
  2. Transitional Phase
  3. Peaking Phase

There are stipulations to stay in the foundational phase if your goal is steady progress, contingencies for swapping between phase one and two, and a 6 week peak to tie it all together for a testing day or meet day.

I will have a chapter on nutrition suggestions away from the low hanging fruit of “count your macros and here’s an easy way to figure them out, so hit your numbers, son”.

I will have videos for suggested warmups and, as always, minimal life story bullshit to fill pages.

You pay for a program, not life philosophy, and this will be one hell of a program delivered to you.

I have a deadline of May to get this finished book ready for release, mark it on your calendars, tattoo it on your face, the wait will be worth it.

*** imagine belongs to Behemoth but it is too fucking good not to use here ***


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