Men – time to step up

My gender navigates a world where we are progressing from the “good old days” into the days of true renaissance men. We exist in a world where we work side by side with a diverse population, share the world with our families, our partners, our children, all while managing personal and professional growth.

Some of us have pasts that haunt us, I am no exception. Some of us grew up in poverty. Some of us grew up very privileged, some under a degree of racial prejudice or bigotry. All of us, despite our past, have a deep desire to be a better man and a better human.

We have careers we want to excel at, families we want to support and help, partners we want to love and cherish, and lives we want to live healthy and happy.

Regardless of your past you undoubtedly have these goals, or you will have goals similar to this.

Even if you never have offspring, you will have to navigate the storms of life in the best manner possible. How do you find your path?

I don’t have the exact answer to that because every profession and life has their own unique path to success, and your definition of success may differ from mine. Yours may include wealth while mine would be influencing others to achieve greater things. Success is relative but you need the tools and mindset to be able to go after what your success blueprint is.

The simple fact is, as men we have been taught from a young age to hide emotions, bottle it up, “man up”, quit being a pussy, and forge ahead despite pain and suffering. In the midst of those lessons we have forgotten to feel along the way, and we forget how to be renaissance men.

A renaissance man is a man with vision, passion, drive, desire, and goals. A renaissance man treats people fair, equally, and with respect. We are called upon to be leaders and examples, we are driven to leave a legacy behind.

We aren’t afraid to tell our friends, “I love you”, and we aren’t hesitant in showing our partners love without boundaries. We are men who are admired in our professions because we are goal setters and trail blazers.

None of this is easy to do for many of us because were conditioned differently.

Where am I going with this?

Chris Bartl and I are starting an accountability group for men in the beginning of 2019. We are two men who have achieved, lost, regained, and thrived. We aren’t wealthy but we are successful because we have built businesses that people love and value and have fostered personal relationships full of meaning and love.

This is a group that will consist of weekly conference calls, monthly private calls designed to hold your ass to a candle with your tasks, daily communication via texting, personal growth tasks, required reading and assignments based on said books, writing assignments, professional growth tasks, and more.

We will also meet twice a year, right now we will have those meetings in Chris’s area and also in mine; CA and KCMO.

Those meetings will include scheduled team building events, outdoor activities, anti-phone time together, a chance to explore, talk, grow, and bond. Those trips will also include assignments to complete and intense personal growth challenges.

It will be held to a maximum of 10 men at any one time for optimal efficiency, intimacy, and results. This is not a group for people who are hesitant to open themselves up to be transparent and humbled, this is designed to shed the layers and help you become the best man you can be.

I won’t bullshit you and say Chris and I are perfect, we are to do these same tasks as you. We are leading the group by example and not by dictating to you what you need to do. We are continually growing as men ourselves, our businesses are still growing, we have bills to pay, and we have to navigate our own paths in life.

What we want to do is help you with the same thing and give you an incredible outlet in which to thrive.

If you are interested in this, email me and I will ensure you are the first ones to get notified when it is officially launched.

It won’t be highly publicized on its own website, we don’t aim to make this some sort of “hashtag men’s group”, it is geared for a small group of men who just want to stand tall, stand proud, love hard, live well, and be the best they can possibly be.

This includes myself.

We will be ready for you soon.


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