A Haunting in St Joseph

This weekend, my wife and I went to a Paranormal investigation at a historic mansion in St Joseph, Missouri called the Wyeth Tootle mansion.

It’s been reported to be haunted and “verified” by paranormal teams, staff members, and previous skeptics who now believe.


I am like Mulder. Prove it.

The paranormal team (henceforth known as PT) set the tone with stories, describing how the equipment works, telling their prior experiences in the house and with other hauntings. People asked questions and displayed curiosity. I stayed silent, remaining a skeptic because I need to see it to believe it. Flashing lights and static sounds aren’t going to do it for me. I need a ghost to come out and give me a high five.

We split into three groups, with our group starting in the basement. The EMF meter was with our group and as the PT member started to attempt to communicate with the “spirit”, the lights lit up blue indicating the presence of an EMF.

Some people took that to mean the spirit was there, some people (namely myself as I can only speak for me) took that to mean nothing because I need more proof than flashy lights.

The night wore on and no definitive proof was to be found, according to my standards, even when the “spirit box” was supposedly picking up spirits saying their name and trying to make out words.

Some people heard it, I just heard static tidbits being suggested into words.

To the PT credit, they even said it’s not often you will actually see something and these investigations aren’t easy to conduct, but to some people in attendance (it was a small group) the indication of lights and suggestive static was enough to prove to them spirits did indeed dwell in this house.

I even went as far to do the deprivation treatment, which most people refused to do. That is sitting in the dark ass basement, with a blindfold, and an audio enhancer attached to my ears so I could hear everything from a pin drop to a ghost saying, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY, BITCH?”

Radio silence.

What the fuck does this have to do with strength and training?


Sometimes it isn’t enough to blindly follow a program or a “guru” just because you want to believe, it will be a credit to your inquisitive nature to ask questions, seek out the why’s, learn more on our own, dive into the nuts and bolts of the person’s body of work, and come to a conclusion based upon your own belief system rather than what you truly hope is real.

Much like the supernatural, I am not 100% convinced by any means another world exists out there and I am willing to be proven wrong.

But you have to prove me wrong and not just give me pretty lights and flashing symbols.

Show me the goods or skepticism reigns my world.

This is how you need to approach your training. 


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