The song remains the same even if the words change

Seems that we often forget what our own identity along the way to building a business.

We tailor our message to fit “everyone” while neglecting what build us from the start. We get afraid of pushing people away because we feel it will mean you lose business or gym members. 

Where is the line between being true to your ideals and throwing a message out in the web that is digestible and relatable?

I read old blogs and my tone is vastly different. I am more hard edged, angry if you will. That anger is largely gone with the advent of a happier life, a growing business, and a fulfilling marriage. 

However, I still train like a man possessed with a goal of getting better and I hold ideals that aren’t the norm for the land of mass produced fitpro world which throws out sound bites via infographics and easy workouts to do at home.

I don’t believe in toning down a message when it comes to health and longevity. I will never say that obesity is ok and I will never get on board with the HAES movement. Science, anecdotes, and numerous studies tell me otherwise. Your n=1 example doesn’t change the trends. Fat shaming is not what we do, but reality needs to be addressed if you want to take your health seriously. Once you hire me, that reality gets addressed because you pay me for it.

I don’t believe that fitness and strength needs to be “dumbed down” for ease of entry. It is our job to deliver the message and provide an environment that is productive for all people.

I believe that most people don’t train hard enough for the goals they want. That requires a long look at what you do in and out of the gym. If you want to look like you give a shit about your results, you have to go that extra mile. You will have to give up food that is easy to slam down, you will have to train hard and push past the realm of comfort. You will have to sleep well at night, and change your lifestyle. Most people aren’t comfortable with that, hence why their results show it. 

It is possible to have the results you want and enjoy life as it is, but that requires planning and a simple IIFYM plan isn’t going to tell you what to do. That is up to you and your decision if you want to eat that one slice of pizza or a more healthy meal full of micronutrients.

I used to be angrier and my message was more harsh because of it, but in the last few years that anger has dissipated into a more positive outlook on life and my future. Underneath lies the same person with the same basic ideals about training.

Lift fucking hard, eat like an athlete, sleep like a baby, fuck like you enjoy it.

The words and tone may change, but the pure fucking intensity to win at life remains the same.

What is life without a fierce passion to take it in your hands and make it your own? What is life without some sort of plan to improve each and every day? What is life without a partner(s) by your side to love with a deep passion? What is life without feeling every bit of it deep into your soul?


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