I need testers for A.S.S. 2.1

Finalizing the touches on my magnum opus program. It is ready for mass testing!

A.S.S. 2.1 – Real Fucking Strong is the working title

1. Contingencies for faster or more steady progress. The ability to customize volume for older or more beat up lifters.

2. Three phases so you can either shift into a heavier phase to test rep strength or shift into meet prep phase to prepare for a platform. The ability to reset working maxes and cycle intensity and volume as needed.

3. Meet prep is 6 weeks. After testing out a variety of preps over the years and using a variety of time considerations for prep, I’ve found that raw lifters do best with a focused targeted attack rather than a prolonged prep.

4. And much more including a NEW assistance template designed for maximum strength and hypertrophy as well as a 3 day template.

I am in the process of taking testers for this. Rules are:

  1. I handle your training and you take detailed notes.
  2. This is a group coaching format with tweaks for individuals needs.
  3. I need a 5 month commitment because we will test all phases of this program to ensure it is ready for mass consumption. That 5 month commitment costs you 250 bucks. That is 50 per month. That is super affordable for what amounts to online coaching. The only reason why it is that affordable is because this is group coaching and not super personalized training. I also want people to have a buy in so they value the money they will spend to complete this 5 month stretch. 5 months is a good size commitment but you will be going through all phases to ensure these are set up properly. This is a solid program and it is percentage based as well as auto-regulated.
  4. There will be a maximum of 12 people for testing group.

I am running this program because I believe in testing my own work, I am loving it so far and I believe you will also.

It’s as simple as contacting me and saying “I want to be an A.S.S. Tester!!!”

Join me and let’s kick some ass with it!


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