Why Strength Training?

Forget the usual bullshit, these are why…

Because you can add another rep, another pound, and see progress happen on the bar.

Because you don’t have to diet yourself into a skeleton shell to prove to anyone you work hard.

Because you can look strong in and out of clothing.

Because you will be “that strong mom” at your kid’s school activities.

Because your kids will always brag about how strong their mom is to friends.

Because pushing to get stronger is a microcosm of your will.

Because starting late in life means you still get stronger.

Because our culture has gotten more complacent and convenient, you need to get in touch with your primal side a little more.

Because having a strong back and strong legs carry you through life, metaphorically and literally.

Because you never have to mold yourself into what someone else thinks you should be or look like, strong is a continual cycle of improving yourself.

Because it is fun to look at your log book and see progress written in ink even if you feel you can’t see it in the mirror yet.

Because training is more fun when you push yourself rather than go through the motions.

Because you will be a role model for your children’s outlook on physical fitness.

Because you are beating the odds when 33% of adults are now labeled clinically obese.

Because we are human beings, we are built to strive for more.

Because it is fun.


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