Commandments of Ashman

The church of Ashman Strength 

  1. Strength is eternal and relative. All things physical build easier with strength
  2. For every push an equal and opposite pull is ideal
  3. Weighing and measuring every meal is still an eating disorder, regardless of how much you justify it; use it for a tool not for a crutch
  4. There is nothing wrong with training for vanity
  5. Three things can never be strong enough: your back, your hamstrings, and your will to improve
  6. Women benefit greater from strength training than men do, and I am not referring to the physical
  7. Neglecting bicep training is as stupid as neglecting cardio
  8. Strength isn’t about your competition numbers, only an elitist ignores truly strong people regardless of competition status 
  9. If all else fails with eating, start with 1g per pound of LBM for protein and eat carbs and fats to satiety not to fill, tweak from there
  10. If you can’t find a goal to train for; training for the love of it is always an option

These 10 commandments of Ashman Strength are what drives my philosophy year after year. It is what I base my business off of and my personal goals.

What are some of yours?


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