The simplicity of training part 1

The older I get and the busier I get with my life, the more I see a need for a focused, simplistic attack on my training.

This came about as more of a need rather than a want. I want to train for 2 hours a day but I also realize those 2 hours are largely spent taking longer than necessary rest periods. I want to push the limits of my body but I am not the same as I used to be at 25 years old.

I want to…

But what is real for me and what is an unrealistic want?

What is real is what I can do with the time, resources and limitations I have; therefore this is how I structure my exact training split during the week.

Day 1:

A1. Squat 5 working sets not including warmups
A2. Horizontal Row movement between all sets from warmup to last set

B1. Hamstring Movement

C1. TKE/Step Downs/Lunges – pick one

D1. Curls
D1. Ab Work

E1. Bike work

Day 2:

A1. Bench 5 working sets not including warmups
A2. Chin-ups between all sets from warmup to last

B1. Medial Delts/DB Press – pick one

C1. Rear Delt Work – 100 reps total

D1. Triceps
D2. Ab Work

E1. Bike work

Day 3:

A1. Deadlift 4 working sets not including warmups
A2. Chest Supported Row Variation between all sets from warmup to last – chest supported to keep stress off lumbar

B1. Front Squat Variation – tempo/pause/pin

C1. Curls

D1. Ab Work

E1. Bike Work

Day 4:

A1. Overhead Press 5 working sets
A2. Pullups between every set

B1. DB Bench Press Variation

C1. Medial Delts

D1. Rear Delt Work – 100 reps

E1. Triceps

If you have the Ashman Strength System book, you will recognize the layout. 

The simple tweak to push back work as a superset to the main lift is what condenses this layout from the original template into something I can manage in 60-90 minutes per session.

  • Strength
  • Aesthetics
  • Balance
  • Conditioning

With my life I cannot afford to devote an extraordinary amount of time, mental effort, and resources into my own training. I need effective, challenging, and to the point. That includes how I eat which will come in the next blog update.


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