Ashman Strength Book #2 is here for the buying

Several years ago I put out A.S.S. book 1 as the program that helped me regain control of my own lifting.

It was a simple layout cycling main lift intensities in a pretty basic block system. You cycled through higher reps, moderate reps, and max effort days while your assistance work was performed in the style of a bodybuilder.

After I set it on the market, the feedback I got was pretty good.

Websites reviewed it



I was mentioned in an article here with this passage:

Rippetoe said it best, stronger people are harder to kill, and more useful in general. Whichever program you follow or gym that you choose to go to, there should be some type of periodized strength and power program built in. While strength gains may be harder to come by, continuing to build strength as well as maintaining strength is extremely important. The stronger you are, ideally the harder it will be to kill you. The stronger you are the faster you will get yourself out of a hospital bed should you ever find yourself there. The stronger you are the less likely you will hit that medic alert button because you have fallen and cannot get up.

While one should focus on building strength, constantly stressing the body with absolute strength tests may not be necessary and ill advised. The ability of the body to handle max effort lifts week in and week out may be extremely stressful, and recovery could be difficult depending on life variables. It is important to make sure the volume and intensity of any strength program is measured appropriately by someone who understands you, your goals, and your life situation. Undulating periodized strength programs I feel have hit the mark in this regard for the aging athlete. Ashman Strength Systems Protocol or the Cube Method are variations of a cyclical undulating periodized system where the volume of maximal efforts between lifts is considered.

Mike Mahler had me on to discuss the book with Sincere Hogan here.

As well as those reviews, mentions, and Mahler podcast, I wrote several articles for Ironman Magazine, and have been featured in Muscle and Performance, talked about in Muscle and Fitness, and been on several podcasts since then as well as some future ones coming up.

To say this book helped put my name into circulation is an understatement. I am massively proud of it because it works, people like it, and it is simple enough, adaptable enough, and challenging enough to give you a lifetime of training options.

It isn’t as sexy as the “big name” authors in this business, but I am perfectly fine with that because the accolades I have earned from the release of the book have been without the benefit of greasing the wheel.

It took me a long time to release book 2 but that is simply because I didn’t want to do it.

The e-book market is filled with solid information so I focused on my business, my clients, and my goals.

As time wore on I realized that the first book didn’t do the program justice, as there were more ways to expand it and tweak it for people with more specific goals.

I worked on the Bro tweak, the powerbuilder tweak, the athlete tweak, and the speed kills tweak. In the process I developed my own peaking program for lifters that I tested with several clients, a small group, and with a testing group.

The shit worked… well.

The time came to put it on paper and thus ASS Book 2 was released 5 years after I threw together Book 1.

I am just as proud of this one as I am the first one, if not more proud. I took a pretty damn good program and showed you more ways to use it.

It became more valuable than just a gym bro program, it became a way to train for a specific goal.

That is beyond what the original intentions of the program were but watching this evolve in something better makes me happy.

I changed a few things from the first one with regards to monitoring intensity with the main lifts, as well as showing you how to modify it for specific goals. I added an athlete section which I am going to expand more on in a future book – which will be a massive undertaking and project – and ended it all with the PL peaking program that I personally used to coach lifters to PRs.

I am fucking proud of this one and I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed writing it.


That is it… cheaper than you think because I am not here to overprice myself, I am here to give you quality information you can use without breaking your bank.

Pick it up >>> here <<< and please email me to let me know how you like it. Spread the word as this is 100% a grassroots affair, just the same as my first book. I value the feedback of those who enjoy it. Don’t be hesitant to let me know what you think.

Thank you, this book is my baby and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.


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