Crossroads and Choices

As 2017 winds down and 2018 approaches most of us tend to be a little reflective and nostalgic about the past year.

To avoid the rampant cliched post that throws down lists, goals, memories, and other assorted personal nonsense you really don’t care to read about again, I will use this time to talk about choices.

Let me start with a preface that my life is pretty good, I am happy, healthy, and on path towards a roaring 2018.

Is yours?

What did you accomplish this year from 1 January 2017 until now?

Did you sit down in front of the TV on the 1st of the year, with some goals in mind like “I need to lose weight” but instead push it off yet another day in lieu of bowl games, beer, and burritos?

That one day of procrastination can derail the greatest of intentions.

It is coincidental that January 1st is a huge day of relaxing, bowl games, a holiday if you will… but what about what you promised yourself to start doing in 2017?

If you took another day off, you lost.

That isn’t to say you don’t deserve, or shouldn’t take days to relax, but if you fire ahead with some resolutions and proclaim, “THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT”, but continue doing the same thing the first day of the new year…

You lost already.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news as 2018 approaches but if you pull that same shit again this year, do not be shocked to see 2018 end with another “resolution” to do the same thing you promised yourself to do in 2 days.

I don’t want you to make resolutions you cannot keep, but contrary to 90% of the fitness professionals who will make posts mocking resolutions, I won’t do that either.

I want you to create a system of accountability and a culture of success.

How can you do this?

Admit defeat, admit you are powerless to change without help, admit you need help.

This may come off as incredibly morose but it is not, it is the most freeing feeling you can have because you have just admitted you aren’t too proud to seek those who can assist you in holding yourself accountable to your goals.

Right now you are reading this blog possibly thinking, “this is the most negative shit I have ever read in my life for a fitness blog, he called me lazy, defeated, and said I need help.”

Well… are you?

Or are you like most of us who need to organize your goals into compartments of success.

What the fuck does that even mean? Let’s take a walk down this road for a second.

Goal 1 – lose weight.

How can you compartmentalize this?

New Year’s Day approaches, you will wake up, you will want to keep your promise, you will go online and find a good nutritionist to help you with this goal.

Email a few of them, maybe one of them is my team and I, maybe not.

You took that step to reaching out first thing in the day, that is a strong initial move.

Compartment 1 – contact help

You did this before binging on shit watching bowl games.

Now the rest of the day is a choice, do you try your hardest not to be a glutton or do you enjoy some of that fried nonsense and move on.

That is a hard choice when you don’t have your plan in place, but at least you made the first step…

You hear back from the nutritionist, you guys discuss a goal, a plan, how to get you there, and he asks you for payment.

Do you balk at paying or do you understand you will save this money:

  1. By not eating out too often for lunches because you prepped food
  2. Because you are not eating way more than you need to
  3. Because it is an investment into your health which MAY prevent future health problems
  4. Because you deserve to look and feel your best 

Compartment 2 – put your money where your mouth is

Now it is time to buckle up and get on that wild ass horse.

You have the plan, you went food shopping, you are starting to prep, and you are ready to go.

You have to check in with your diet guru (whoever the hel that is), you have to actually EAT this food and not give in to temptations for lunch like 3 slices of pizza and a bag of chips, and you have to make a choice.

That choice isn’t daily.


That choice is fucking HOURLY in some cases. It can be a hard choice for some who are used to a certain lifestyle and for others it is quite simple, but you still have to make that choice and be honest with your coach about your week.

So, regardless if you fuck up one day and make 6 days perfect, you NEED to be honest about that one day so your coach and you can discuss strategies to keep those days to a minimum.

Compartment 3 – accountability can be a bitch

This cycle will repeat every day, every week, and every month.


You have to pay your coach monthly. (unless you bought a package plan)

You already paid so why waste money. It is EASY to waste it, but it’s your money to waste.

You have to check in weekly and either be happy or upset with your progress.

You have to decide daily what path to walk on.

Your one big goal of losing weight just got compartmentalized into 3 smaller goals that all add up to a bigger picture:

Step 1 – reach out and admit you need help. I have a coach at times when I am stuck and I do this shit for a living! There are times when I want a fresh outlook on my plan and to give my brain a break. You are the same way, you have a life of your own and people like us are who can help you reach your goals without making your life harder.

Step 2 – pay the coach. That is a huge one. I have had numerous maybes of people who just don’t want to pay. No clue why, that is on them, but thankfully more pay than not but I wonder what goes through the head of someone who goes through the process of talking to us and then stalling at the end. Is it money? Fear of change? I have no idea, but if money isn’t the decided factor… what is stopping you from paying a professional to make your shit work?

Step 3 – be accountable. Be honest, be truthful, make hard choices, have your loved ones hold you to your goals, find a group of friends that will care about your goals WITH you and help you stay on point, report to your coach what you did during the week, and keep that shit up because this goal is the ONE goal which will help you the most out of all of these. Step 1 and 2 lead to step 3, and step 3 is the ongoing war between what you need to do or what is easy to do.

I want people to succeed with their goals.

I want YOU to reach your resolutions once and for all.

Start now, start Jan 1, I don’t care… but do not be afraid to take that first step.

The critical step between wanting to make a change or giving yourself bullshit lip service.

If my team and I are part of that process – we will be overjoyed to help you, and celebrate this with you.

You can reach us here >>> Team E-Dev Application <<< or you can contact any professional you wish to.

Just do it so at the end of 2018 you can look back like I did over 2017 and know damn well you fucked this year up like Ali knocking out Foreman.


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