Dammit, writer’s block is one hel of a drug

It is Monday night at 2123 and I am trying to figure out what the hel to write…

I have a client at 0530, I have yet to shower from my day, and I am sitting at my table typing these words on my new MacBook (which I am really stoked about) blowing my mind up with ideas for a blog but nothing is clicking.

I am not sure where to start.

A yearly recap is redundant and cliche while a 2018 goals blog is pointless because, what do you care about my personal and professional goals, right?

I look at others’ writing, like Krahn, Roman, Baker, and I am in awe of their ability to place words on paper with ease. Or so it seems to be easy from the initial glance, but knowing full well how the process of quality writing can consume you, I wonder if they have the same damn thoughts I do when they are stuck on content ideas.

So here’s what I will do.

I will use the last 13 days of this year to take inventory of myself via rebirthing my daily journaling. I started today with writing down thoughts, lists, random things that pop into my head. Plain old-fashioned free journaling.

This serves a few purposes for me:

  1. Therapeutic AF. Nothing is better for your soul than taking your thoughts and elaborating on them via writing. If you talk about them to others, the detail can be forgotten. When you write them down, they are a permanent reminder when you go back to read. You can see mindset, bad grammar, running sentences that ramble. You will see your moods change, your anxiousness, your peace, your heart will be on full front street for yourself.
  2. Practice. I look at some of my earlier blogs and cringe at the shit writing. I am sure I will read this one in 12 months and want to vomit at how elementary and terrible it reads, but that is the nature of evolution across an art form. Writing is an art form, in order to excel at it (or at least be better) you need to practice like you want to excel. That means fucking WRITING. Thirty to 45 minutes a day is sometimes all you need to get that creativity flowing along. You can do more, but if you take your writing seriously, less will not be as valuable as those 30 minutes a day. You will be amazed at how your mind starts to think when you put things on paper… or on a screen.
  3. Blog ideas. Some of my best ideas have come from random shit popping into my head during the day or during a free write. I expanded upon them, copied the idea down to my todo list, and started a blog from that single idea. After being in  this business for well over a decade I am, pretty bluntly, tapped the fuck out on ideas off the top of my head and I have to do a little digging at times to find them. Free writing is helpful with that.
  4. Typing skills. I learned how to type in 3rd grade in some class. It was also the class that I put my arm through a window getting into a fight in the boys’ room. I have scars on my arm from that one and I was pretty lucky I didn’t sever that artery in my arm which would have been quite bad. Boys will be boys? Maybe… but since my handwriting is absolute shit, I am reinforcing typing skills by this act of free writing/typing. Simple… more WPM means I get finished with blogs and emails faster. Time = money.
  5. As an example…

Because this entire fucking blog was one big free write from start to finish.

If you are an aspiring writer, a fitpro who wants to blog, or just someone who enjoys the act of writing… this is one example of how having no ideas can just transform into something you want to hit publish on.


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