Take ownership

NSFW and blunt warning

Don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time.

Take ownership of your goals.


You have a partner who doesn’t support you, great, they really don’t need to. Your goals aren’t dependent on someone holding your hand. If they don’t want to support you improving yourself, that is their loss and your gain.

If you can’t go all in with this shit, maybe this isn’t for you. All in will include hammering forward if your partner is fucking around. All in will include eating that shit you really don’t want to eat while your partner is chewing a goddamn pizza.

Sure that pizza tastes excellent, but you have goals.

Your goals are important and, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit how many coaches you have, accountability buddies, or Facebook fitness groups you belong to… this shit falls on you.

That isn’t the touchy feely hand holding that some people need, and that method tends to fail in the long term because:


When you are away from trainer, what do you do?

When you can’t text your nutritionist with a panicked message, “WHAT DO I EAT!? I AM AT CHILI’S”?

What the shit do you do?

At some point in your fitness life you have to accept the notion that going all in is the only way to accept the task ahead of you, plan to assault that task, claim victory over it, and own it.

What about when you are at work and people bring in little tempting delicious snacks?

See above, DECIDE what you want.

If that decision becomes hard because you can’t resist shit like that, seek out help in order to build up that resistance.

When I say take ownership I don’t mean “Harden the fuck up, pussy”.

No. I mean you need to take ownership of those damn roadblocks by getting behind the wheel of a goddamn bulldozer and dominating them.

That bulldozer could be hiring a Psychologist as well.

But as said above, more than once, regardless of who you hire they will not do the work for you.






I hate to beat the shit out of this hammer like Thor beating on Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War movie spoiler because unless you live in a cave you know this already) but there is reason why diets fail, training plans fail, and people give up.

You have the tools, people like me WANT TO HELP YOU, we get paid to help you, but we also FUCKING LOVE to help you because this job is about making you all look goddamn good, be stronger, and enjoy it.

We can’t be there 24 hours a day, we just can’t.


What the hel are you going to do the other 23 hours a day?

We are the tools, not the end result. The end result is ultimately on you.

Take ownership of this and make shit happen.

If you succeed, and I say if because there is no when here with your goals, you can really be proud that you took the proverbial bull by the horns and wrestled that shit down.

You owned it and you did it.

I don’t care who you paid to help you, we are just coaches, we are just helping you realize what you have inside of you screaming to get out, pulling it out depends on you.

Prove it to yourself.



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