2017: A Year in Review

2017 brought upon some growth, some surprises, and a renewed focus moving forward.

My individual brand is growing but I want more. I want bigger things, and I want my team to be involved in every detail of it along with me.

This past year Ashman Strength:

  1. Increased prices for online clients and got busier
  2. Brought on a nutritionist, Sarah Conomacos, and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Julie Slowiak.
  3. Teased the arrival of Elite Athlete Development with Chris Bartl
  4. Started my in-person training base at City Gym in KC
  5. Planned the future of what Ashman Strength will be in 2018

This brand is mine, and mine alone, but I am a team guy at the core of me.

I work best when I am a leader. I work best when I have leaders with me. I work best when a team is one big cohesive unit.

In 2018, Ashman Strength will start to phase out into just a personal brand, a blog, and an “about me” type of page.

2018 is the year when Elite Athlete Development takes over the business end of what we do.

“We” is the team.

Myself, Chris Bartl – who owns Strength Inc. in Santa Barbara and trains numerous athletes and people, Ryan Burgess – a strength coach and football coach in New Jersey, Sarah Conomacos – ISSN certified and currently enrolled in college to pursue being a Registered Dietitian, Julie Slowiak – PhD and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

This team is something I am proud of because it is filled with people who are:

  • Professional
  • Credible
  • Knowledgeable
  • Ethical

Above all else, that is important to me, and it is vital for growth to happen.

We teased EAD in 2017. Chris and myself had a framework to work off of and our individual goals had to be laid out before we made that jump.

In 2018 we will full steam ahead in moving the EAD brand to the front and center and make our businesses part of the EAD system.

We preach movement quality, strength, eating optimally, recovering well, and making your training part of your lifestyle.

With this venture we will be able to make a team that backs this up 100 fucking percent.

2017 was personally rewarding for me.

2018 is the year when I spread those personal rewards around to a team that believes in that vision.

Ashman Strength brought me this far and it’s time to go deep.


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