Progress from Extreme to Living

The intriguing part of keeping a blog is you can see your evolution over the years from your writing style to your philosophy.

I admit that my philosophy as per teaching did not line up with my own treatment of my body and health. That isn’t all that rare in this business as people like me are prone to foolishly believe we are exceptions to the rule even as we know damn well we are not.

I have kept training logs here with volume that I look at now and realize I can never, or will never, train that way again.

Strength levels that I won’t touch again.

A mentality that wasn’t conducive for sustainability but instead focused on a single goal in mind.

I have had this recent trend of blasting these topics across my blog:

  1. Health
  2. Sustainability
  3. Moderation

Only because I know damn well as we age, those topics become the marriage rather than a side chick.

We all know the basics work:

  1. Strength, muscle mass, bone density = better life
  2. Cardiovascular training = healthier heart
  3. Eating sensibly, tracking intake in some way = leaner
  4. Rest, recover, de-stress = manage cortisol

But do you actually believe it?

I don’t mean believe one of them. There are always going to be people who buy into one or two of these and somehow manage to think the others are bullshit.

People reaching for extreme levels of strength will most likely understand the value of #1 but scoff at #2, mildly agree with #3 as they attempt to put on more and more mass so they can break a 600 pound squat, and somehow believe that #4 doesn’t really apply to them because they haven’t taken a light week in a few months.

Runners may believe that #2 is gospel while they scoff at #1 because “muscle slows you down”, look at #3 and forget that protein is needed, as man cannot live on carbs alone, while #4 becomes an afterthought because they are straight out addicted to that runner’s high.

See the trend here?

Each person’s choice of training bias will have biases “built” into it because you will think you are the exception to the rule.

The fact is that you just don’t want to admit it, like I didn’t.

I preached moderation, but I didn’t live it. I preached cardio but after I finished my rugby career I barely did it until not that long ago.

I preached rest and managing volume while I piled on MORE volume thinking that somehow that extra exercise was going to be the trick to more progress.

I programmed clients to have “active pump” days while I ignored those quality lighter sessions to just get blood moving.

I can look back on articles I wrote and see behind the words at the person I was, and see what person that produced.

I evolved my outlook because of my own ignorance, and I am a better coach for it. I am able to understand why people refuse to look at the obvious needs of sustainable progress and health. I am able to talk to competitors and help them buy into adopting a more moderate lifestyle so they are able to compete and manage their health and stressors.

This doesn’t make me “the coach of the year” it just means that I have evolved from a one trick pony into a more versatile individual.

My ignorance taught me a lot and I am not self-important enough to forget how badly I screwed up along the way.

I believe in strength as it is the great equalizer in life, and physical strength has the ability to reshape your entire existence as a person.

But strength isn’t everything, nor should it be.

While I threw away what I knew to reach a goal (post rugby career) – that I honestly never reached – those lessons I learned along the way allow me to stand here with a little more humility in my prideful head and say, “my fuck-ups made me better but it almost cost me everything”.

Watching my own evolution has been pretty wild as some of this I never thought I would be able to admit to myself.

I want to teach you all how to understand this and believe it.

You CAN be strong and healthy.

You CAN be jacked and in good shape.

You CAN eat healthy without making it a lifestyle which hinders your life.

You CAN age gracefully and with immense pride knowing you are doing it right.

You CAN re-learn this all if you have forgotten it.

I won’t be so idiotic to say “well I did it, so can you” because I am not better or worse than anyone reading this, but I will say that all of us have the capability to embrace the 5 bold points above ….

Every. Damn. One. Of. Them.


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