There is mass and there is muscle

I wish I had the opportunity to teach my younger self lessons that I know now, but that means I wouldn’t understand these lessons like I do in the year 2017.

A lot of these are common sense to many people, but we have a really interesting habit where we KNOW what to do, but we have a very difficult time making ourselves believe those rules apply to us.

“I am different”.

Chances are you aren’t different, chances are you are not an outlier. If you were truly an outlier, there’s a damn good chance you wouldn’t be reading this blog, you would be out making money on what you do and not giving a shit what someone like me says because my experiences will never be your experiences.

This is a nice random list of rules I have learned the hard way.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

  1. Mass for the sake of mass is pointless and easy to do, facked =/= jacked.
  2. Lean mass takes years to cultivate, do it with a modicum of conditioning and it takes longer.
  3. Bigger people don’t live longer lives.
  4. There is more to lifting than just pounds on the bar.
  5. Aerobic capacity can’t be increased by shorter rests between sets.
  6. Be versatile, play sports, climb rocks, ride bikes, go hiking, your lifting doesn’t mean you are fit. It means you lift.
  7. More isn’t always better. More volume, more food, more cardio. Diminishing returns are real.
  8. Taking time off from the gym can be the best thing for your physique, health, and mental outlook.
  9. Eat like a vegetarian who likes meat. Contrary to foolish belief, vegetables and fruits are good for “gains”.
  10. Leaner feels better, remember that when you start having spillover onto your pants.
  11. Re-consider your relationship with food if you are habitually tracking macros for months on end. That type of dilegence is also an eating disorder whether you want to admit it or not.
  12. 95% of us don’t need an intra-workout shake.
  13. No, you can’t go heavy “forever”.
  14. Machines you made fun of at 25 will become staples in your training at 40. Ahem Smith Machine.
  15. Nobody ever asked you, “how much can you lat pulldown”.
  16. If you aren’t planning to be a powerlifter, flat barbell bench press is overrated. Flame away on that one.
  17. Hire a coach at least once in your training life, the accountability and difference in styles will change you.
  18. Competition isn’t for everyone, even some of you who routinely compete.
  19. Go to the goddamn doctor, regularly. Bloodwork, physicals, etc. Again, like #6 says, your lifting doesn’t make you fit.
  20. The older you get, the more you listen to lists like these because you will relate. Trust me on this one.

Add your own training life lessons.


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