#DailyASS workouts on Instagram

Years ago, when I was living on Long Island, I had a pretty well received free Strength and Conditioning program I would put up on my blog. It was essentially workouts I did but wanted to share with others.

As time went on, more and more people followed along, one of whom was Hunter Molzen, founder and owner of the Barbell Apparel Clothing company.

I stopped putting those workouts up some time ago but every so often someone will pop up and remind me how they enjoyed doing them.

I have decided to rebirth the workouts on my Instagram page, and only on my IG page.

Follow along using this link – #DailyASS – and get fucking strong and in shape.

But, I will give you some free coaching below right now to help you navigate the rules and terminology I will be using for this:


  1. Rate of Perceived Exertion
    1. RPE7 – 3 reps left in the tank, usually use for higher rep work or lighter days with main lift.
    2. RPE8 – 2 reps left in the tank.
    3. RPE9 – 1 rep left in the tank.
    4. ME/RPE10 – Your maximal effort for the day, not a true meet max effort. If you have to ask yourself, “can I put 10 more pounds on the bar and get it?”, the answer will be no.
  2. Tempo Notation – Example: 40×0
    1. First number is ALWAYS the eccentric count. 4 will be a 4 count during the eccentric movement.
    2. Second number is ALWAYS the pause AFTER the eccentric. Stay tight during this pause, it isn’t an excuse to relax.
    3. Third number is ALWAYS the count for the concentric movement.
    4. Fourth number is ALWAYS the pause AFTER concentric. This means a complete pause and hold, be aware of this during certain movements.
  3. Training Zones and Conditioning Terminology
    1. Zone 1 or Recovery Run – easy pace, feels like minimal work. You will feel like you didn’t do work and that is ok, it is for recovery.
    2. Zone 2 – this is about 60-70% of your maximal heart rate (which will be described below). Maintain that zone for the time allotted. You should be able to hold a conversation in this zone. If you cannot do that, slow down.
    3. Zone 3 – this is about 70-80% of your maximal heart rate. Maintain that for the time allotted. You can say a few words here but that’s it. If you are holding a conversation, pick up the pace.
    4. Zone 4 – this is 80-90% of your maximal heart rate. This is a race pace. Breathing sucks, you feel heavy, and if you can maintain this for a period of time, you are in excellent shape. For our purposes this will be used sparingly as we are not building endurance superstars, but you will see it every now and then as the workouts progress.
    5. Zone 5 or Threshold Pace – this is 90-100% of your maximal heart rate. This is anaerobic land, this is HIIT land. This is balls out, threshold pace. This is where you push it to the limit, a true ME of conditioning.
  4. Calculate your maximal heartrate
    1. Men
      1. 210 minus 1/2 your age minus 5% of your body weight + 4
    2. Women
      1. 210 minus – 1/2 your age minus 1% of your body weight  + 0
  5. Just three lifts?
    1. Yes, it is not a complete program. It is a strength layout. It is up to YOU to round it out with extra assistance work as needed. If you want a full and custom program, that is what I get paid for. If you want to use this, you need to put some thinking to work to finish out your session for a well-rounded day. This is FREE, this is not personal coaching.
  6. Get Strong
    1. Get in Shape
      1. Profit $$$$

Enjoy the Workouts.

—-> DAILYASS <—-


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