October is my month

I love this time of year, there is something about this month that feels right to me.

The transition into fall, the cooler air, the World Series, Halloween, and my damn birthday.

October 12, baby. It’s my day. I share a birthday with Columbus Day, who was put on a pedestal despite his numerous transgressions against the indigenous population and his habitual psychotic nature, but that isn’t my fault I was born on that day. I blame luck.

More like Columbus just knew I would come after him on his special day, so he decided to act like a raving asshole just so I could have more props on this day…

Another fine bit of Oct 12 trivia is that one of my clients was born on the same exact day and same year as me.

Mark Baisch.

What makes it even more cool is that we were born in the same hospital, our moms were in rooms next to each other, and we grew up two blocks apart. We went to school together, played sports together, and he has since progressed into a man who is taking care of himself after 40, losing weight to the 210 range, and we are just two winning motherfuckers who share a birthday… from the same hometown…

Funny how life works and I love it.

It is a month that I tend to look back on the last year of life and reflect on what happened along the way.

  1. I left a gym I love deeply, BrewHouse Barbell, to come to KCMO to be with the love of my life.
  2. Ended up working here with a gym I am all in with, City Gym, and love what they have built and love to be a part of it.
  3. My client base here is kicking ass, for real… I love my clients. They bust their damn ass for results.
  4. Married Sarah June 7. I literally married the woman of my dreams.
  5. Have Sarah Conomacos working with me as the Ashman Strength Nutritionist and I am excited for what she is doing.
  6. Have another business relationship to announce tomorrow which is exciting!
  7. Plans for growth are in the works…

I have had some years in my life, in my recent past, that I didn’t know if I would come out of them alive.

A few were down and out, broke, and fighting to survive.

Health issues that ripped the soul out of me and forced me to evaluate every aspect of my being physically, mentally, and spiritually.

But I came through, rebuilt myself, refocused my energy, changed my direction, and forged ahead.

With the help of some amazing friends along the way like Daniel Hentges and Dawn Duvall, I recovered from a health experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

I am not as physically strong as I used to be.

I am not as big as I used to be.

I am no longer a man who can jump onto a field and play rugby.

I am getting older, wiser, more reflective, more methodical, but still pushing my self-imposed limits as hard as I can.

As I approach 43, I close the chapter on a chaotic 42 years and open the book to the next page.

I know a lot of people say that as a means to change their lives, but that happened to me already. As a result of my mindset change, my lifestyle change, my attitude change, I opened myself up for growth beyond what I expected.

This isn’t a changing of the guard, this is just a redressing of the guard.

Chaos is behind me once and for all, I have found my peace… and that is something I always wanted, always expressed I needed, and what I lived to find regardless of the cost.

Happy October to me.


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