You are what you project

I wish I could be that guy to have an unending supply of understanding for bad decisions, but I don’t.

At some point in time I want to take you, sit you down, look at you dead in the eye and say, “what the fuck are you doing?”

Why do you keep eating like you hate yourself?

Why do you continue to keep bad habits close to you?

Why do you keep getting drunk every weekend?

Why do you seemingly brush off your health and life for the easy road?

Why are you so quick to say I can’t when history shows you I can is more than possible?

I don’t know the answer to that, you do. You are the creator of your fate and all I can do is help you see there is a better fate for you.

Drugs or alcohol?

Let’s get into rehab and start anew. Fight for yourself, and build a new life.


That is some crippling shit, but you aren’t alone. Make the step, you are worth it, find some small way to battle each day and build upon that. Reach out, allow people to help carry you across this horrible path.

Eating disorder?

See above with depression.

This isn’t to minimize your issues, and if you have real issues you need real help… but you have to fucking WANT it.

The fitness world has a habit of making our issues a little more sensational than real issues.

You see shit online with people making fun of celebrity trainers, mocking an article they read, laughing at people who do stupid gym tricks, making fun of keto and macros, and the list goes on.

Petty nonsense compared to paying bills, feeding your kids, making money, and being a damn good person each and every day you walk this earth.

Fitness isn’t life, but it sure as hell can make your life better.

I have seen a lot of people transform their lives while using the gym as part of their overall plan, one of them is Luke Black.

I have seen people change LIVES with the gym but I do not credit the gym for that.

I credit their internal drive to enact a change from within and then use whatever the fuck they have to use to get to that point.

That takes internal strength, that takes some guts and I applaud that loudly.

Each person out there has the capability of creating some immense change from within. Put down the vodka and tonic on the weekends, stop getting shitfaced at tailgate parties, you don’t need the extra 4 slices of pizza, and you don’t need to smoke cigs on your deck watching the sunset.

You don’t need to suffer through depression, you don’t need to be obese, you don’t need to eat food and purge it out of irrational fear you will gain weight… you can get help, and you can live a life of happiness.

This isn’t exactly my lane to be in as I am not a Psychologist or even remotely a Psychology expert, but with years of service in this business, I have seen remarkable changes from people of all walks of life who walked through doors of a gym.

Make the step.

You will hurt, you will cry, you will bleed inside from the struggle, but you will find out what life means when you start to find out the value of who you are as a person.

I suffered with OCD and anxiety through my life, I still deal with it from time to time. Sometimes I battle it back, sometimes it battles me but I have learned how to win the war and each time those issues rear their ugly head upon me is one more chance I get to win another war.

Go win your war and change your life.


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