Be proud of what you do


Most of you aren’t going to be the stereotypical shredded to the max, strong as a house, or fit af people who train.

Most of you just want to be stronger, be leaner, be in better shape, and look pretty damn good naked.

I know that, you know that, we all can admit that.

It is fantastic to shoot for higher goals and we can do so knowing our limitations on what we can achieve keeping our eye firmly planted on health.

I mean let’s face it, extreme goals are often throwing health to the win. It isn’t super healthy to diet down to <10% bodyfat and it isn’t all that healthy to have a singular minded goal on being so strong you break records.

They are noble accomplishments, but they aren’t in the name of health.

That is ok because those people accept that, know that, and do it anyway.

For the rest of us who see these people around you looking like superheroes and lifting like them, your accomplishments are no less incredible.

I realize this is easy for me to say because at my size and former level of athletic “glory” I was that guy… but as a coach it is my job to show you that your achievements are just as good as anyone’s, if not better.

How are they better?

They are yours.

Simple… they belong to you. Your accomplishments are worth more than anyone else’s because they directly affect your life, your health, your goals, and your future.

If you drop 50 pounds, you immediately decrease your chances to get heart disease, diabetes, or a host of other ailments exacerbated by carrying excess fat.

If you increase your squat from 200 pounds to 300 pounds, you are STRONGER and you just helped increase your bone density.

If you add muscle, you immediately will look a hell of a lot better and have more confidence when you go to the pool in the summer months.

Those affect your life immediately.

Some guy or girl on Instagram who has a body of a statue doesn’t mean one thing to your goals. You can idolize them all you want, you can want to be as strong as them, you can wish for whatever you want to…

Their goals, their body, their strength isn’t yours.

Is this starting to make sense?

I hope so.

I don’t want to see or hear of people downplaying their accomplishments with phrasing like, “I am not that strong”, or “this is average, but”…

OWN that shit.

Be proud of it.

That was your hard work, your dedication, your lifestyle change, and your decision.

That work is worth being proud of.

So be proud, you earned it.


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