What is my manifesto?

Why should a training and nutrition company have a manifesto?

Why the hell not?

It is a company, and I have a vision which I work everyday to ensure I deliver it to my clients in the best possible way.

If you really want to know what I am about as a coach, and a person, this is the place to start.

This isn’t your typical manifesto where I have some bullshit mission statement, this is a list of items that I live by and teach every single day.

Why am I writing this? Because I have 60 minutes until my next client shows up and I feel like throwing up a self-serving blog.

Enjoy it.

Training and Diet

  1. I believe in strength. Strength of mind and body.
  2. I believe in hypertrophy because life is too short to have small muscles.
  3. I believe in cardiovascular training because life is too short to die young.
  4. I believe in eating for sustainability and not eating to punish yourself.
  5. I believe in fun intensity. Training should be hard, but let’s have fun doing it.


  1. I believe in character. If you are a shitty person, you can find another coach. I have fired clients for being shitty humans, and I will do it again.
  2. I believe in acceptance and empowerment, not alienation and prejudices. Quite simply… if you harbor hatred, you aren’t welcome with me.
  3. I believe in friendship. My clients are friends, and I am here for them.
  4. I believe in tough love, when needed.
  5. I believe in forgiving yourself.

Coaching style

  1. I believe communication is the key to success.
  2. I believe that sarcasm is a fun tool. If you can’t enjoy my east coast wit, we will teach you the ways of the best coast.
  3. I believe in education, if you want to be taught, you came to the right place.
  4. I believe in swearing, I am not sanitized, you shouldn’t be either. Saying the word “fuck” can be pretty damn exhilarating at times. This isn’t church, use it.
  5. I believe in accountability. Your coach is watching you. He wants you to succeed… HELP ME HELP YOU!

Fun shit

  1. I believe my wife is the most beautiful woman in the universe.
  2. I believe my dog is better than everyone else’s.
  3. I believe that chili (with beans, piss off Texas) is the most perfect food ever.
  4. I believe that Ray Ban Aviators are timeless sunglasses that look good on everyone.
  5. I believe that Eric Clapton’s “Layla” may just be the most perfect song ever written.

Whew…. 50 minutes to go…

If you want a nice easy mission statement to carry in your wallet, here you go:

At Ashman Strength we will train you to be strong, look damn good naked, enjoying eating like you want to live to be 100, and learn all of this from a guy who is pretty fucking awesome and gives a lot of shits about your success both in the gym and with your life.


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