#ProjectDILF, what is it?

If you have been following along on social media, you have seen me post a few times about #projectdilf or #projectdilfkc.

I teased it along, gave some brief explanations of it, but this needs a clear and concise FAQ.

  • What the hell does Project DILF stand for?

Simple. Project “Dads I’d like to fuck”.

Vulgar, yes. Blunt and to the point, hell yes.

You don’t even have to be a dad to qualify for this. DILF means you are a 30+ man, you value your professional life, you are career oriented, you work, you are a Type A personality that just wants to win at life, and you feel pressed for time.

A DILF is a man who is past the trappings of youth, but has the desire to feel younger, perform optimally, and look damn good.

You see the Rock? DILF. Joe Manganiello? DILF. You?… you can look your best as well, so embrace that tag.

  • What is Project DILF?

It is an acceptance of vanity and self-worth. It is embracing the act of training, eating properly, living with a desire to be your physical best, and creating a balance in your life where you have time to take care of your business, your family, and your own health.

In Project DILF we systematically work together on these areas:

  1. Building a strong body that not only performs optimally but looks amazing.
  2. Teaching you how to eat without the reliance on weighing portions of food.
  3. Showing you that is ok to enjoy “bad” food by teaching you how to enjoy it.
  4. Build your cardiovascular endurance and capacity so your heart is healthier.
  5. Embracing the process of taking care of yourself in the way you deserve.

I see too many men content with what they have. I want to see more men strive for their physical best. I am here to help you with that.

  • How can I sign up for Project DILF?

Right now this is a service I am providing exclusively for Kansas City men. I am located at City Gym in downtown KC on 9th and McGee.

The downtown location allows for you to train before work or after work before your ride home. Lunchtime abbreviated 30 minute sessions are also available as are small group classes. If you have a small group of men who want to kick ass together, bring them in and let’s have some fun. The easiest way to contact me is through my contact page

Throw me a message, the time to be the best goddamn man you can physically be is never too late.

If you think you have a long road ahead of you, that is ok, we can walk it together and redefine your future.

If you don’t know where to start, let’s start together and build some habits you can take with you to last a lifetime.

Let’s get some shit done, men.


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If you are local to Kansas City and wish to kickass at my gym, visit us at Kansas City Barbell for the ultimate training experience.


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