This will change your life

I promise you some life changes with this, and I intend to deliver.

First, I have to blow off some steam.

Not the true anger steam, but more of the “selection bias for cheap attention steam” so many people are guilty of, and to a degree I am as well.

It’s the “canned update” nonsense.

“Tracy Anderson’s gym costs 900 dollars a month!!!” Yes, it’s NYC. I am expensive and I am in Kansas City, MO. So?

“Stop commenting on lifting videos offering form advice if you aren’t their coach.” Thank you, I will file that into the ‘heard that 500 times this week from other people’ box.

“That Netflix food documentary was terrible and here is why.” Dude, I could have SWORE you would say that because everyone else did, too!!! Amazing.

Damn, people… Regurgitating information like a whack-a-mole popping up is not the way to go.

You need to tap into that brain of yours and throw some words at your prospective clients and tell them what makes YOU different.

Let’s see… I will try this for you.

What makes Jay Ashman of Ashman Strength different.

  1. I am saracastic as hell in person to my clients. We have fun, I will taunt them (in fun of course).
  2. I am hard. Not the LIFT HEAVY UNTIL YOU DIE or condition you into the ground hard, but I am going to keep a pace that is fast enough to get a 60 minute workout completed in 45 minutes. You will get in better shape, trust me on this one.
  3. I am pretty damn real. What you see online is what you get in person. I am not hiding social issues behind the security of online comfortability. Nah son, I swear a little (sometimes more than a little), I talk about NYC as if I am it’s prodigal son, and we have a damn good time during training.
  4. I believe in sensible eating, lifting for a goal, and long walks on the beach holding sandbags… the irony there is disgusting and I fucking love it.

What can you say about yourself?

Don’t write down the usual, “I believe in being the best coach I can be”, yada yada yada. Nobody gives a shit about that. Johnny Joebags isn’t hiring you based upon your skills because every GOOD trainer is interchangeable. You are being hired based upon WHO YOU ARE.

Throw me canned information about Tracy fucking Anderson, Move your health (or whatever the hell it is called, I honestly forgot the name of it which is indicative of how little of a shit I give about that documentary), or some ridiculous circle-jerking tripe chastising trolls and I think I have no idea who you are.

How will this change your life?


I probably have a better personality than you, and I know it.

But I want you to have a better one than me because I want you to make ME better.

I want to hustle and create more content, I want to look around and see my peers kicking ass, and I want to be pushed even further.

When I see people recycle content and statuses like some incestual nightmare, I know that my work is easier.

Make my work hard.

Challenge yourselves and challenge everyone else to stay on top of you.

Oh, before I forget… what does the image have to do with this blog?

Nothing, I just picked it for aesthetic reasons, but you can use your creativity and come up with a way this image correlates with this article.

I did JUST that while writing that last sentence…

Now go.


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