Something surprising is going on

Last week I got married to an incredible woman, Sarah.

Sarah is a dietitian, she is also insanely intelligent and beautiful. She not only works for a lab where she analyzes patient’s lab work and helps them achieve optimal gut health she can wear a skin tight dress and turn heads with the best of them.

We had an idea that is taking off in fun ways.

We call it – Pump, Dump, and Hump.

We have a Facebook group for it with a few hundred people contributing to some damn cool discussions. We are growing slowly with no marketing whatsoever other than the occasional mention on my personal FB page.

This was a fun idea we thought about doing on the way home from the Fitness Summit a little over a month ago but the participation and the “need” for a niche like this is taking us down a fun road.

By now you are asking.. what the hell is Pump, Dump, and Hump.

Let’s make it simple:

  • Pump – hypertrophy, fitness, strength, exercise
  • Dump – digestive health and improving your gut health
  • Hump – sex… we LOVE sex

We embrace exercise of any type. We want to empower women to get jacked. We want to see our men get stronger. We want to see people moving their bodies because being healthy is a damn good thing.

We know that the gut health is a tremendous indicator of overall health. The more we discover about gut health, the more we realize it’s importance. Sarah has been specializing in the gut biome for quite a while, despite the recent trend for fitpros (who aren’t dietitians) to use gut health as a buzzword.

Sex… if you don’t enjoy sex, I am sorry for you. We want you to have a fulfilling sex life free of negative stigma and with the partner of your choice. Being healthy means your sex life improves. Being fit means you are able to have better sex. Hell… just having sex is fantastic for your health.

We both are surprised with the maturity level of the conversation in the group and have plans for a podcast soon because this will be an incredible thing for our community. We have a website in the making and of course tee shirts. 

Everyone loves shirts. Right??

We are fitness peeps who embrace sexuality fully. Too often that subject is danced around because people just don’t want to be open about sex.

We are kicking the damn door down and embracing it as part of a fitness lifestyle and we want you to do the same.

Come join us if you want something different than the usual fitness group/resource on Facebook.

Leave your drama at home and enjoy the ride.




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