Nameless blog

I don’t have a title for this blog nor do I have an actual topic. If you want to know the honest truth (then again who really wants to be lied to) I just recently started planning my days better and today is my designated “write a blog for Ashman Strength” day.

Since moving to Kansas City, things have opened up for me and I am creating opportunities that were largely dormant before. Teaming up with Chris Bartl to create a “superteam” at Elite Athlete Development is a work in progress. It takes time, effort, and we are planning some pretty awesome things together. This means Ashman Strength becomes a personal page/blog which leads into a business page at EAD. Not sure how ideal that is for the end goal, but it also gives me a little more leeway with both entities.

In many ways I feel like a new trainer again since moving to a brand spanking new area

That leaves me with ideas of how to fill this blog up with content?

What do you want to read about? Business ideas? Personal gym anecdotes? Local KC client updates?

Keep in mind that Ashman Strength is the gateway drug to Elite Athlete Development. Call it the click to the bait.

So… you tell me what you want to read more of because I am planning on a weekly post and if you don’t give me ideas, I will pull some insanity out of my head and roll with that.

Or maybe I will do what every other fitness pro thinks they are and turn into some quasi “life coach” becaiuse surely being a strength coach means that I can tell you how to be a “man” …. they really need rolling eyes emojis on WordPress.



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