Goodbye OKC, hello KCMO

My time in OKC was nothing short of life-changing for me from the day I left Cleveland in 2014 until the end of December 2016. I fully intended to make OKC my home after a rocky start in that city, but life had other plans.

In the beginning of 2016, BrewHouse Barbell opened and I was with them from the start. Being their head coach and day to day man was a dream to me. Many people have visions of traveling the world, making millions, or other pursuits; my dream was always to be in a gym that fits my ideals of what a gym community should be, and what a physical gym is.

We built a community of family, friends, good lifters, smart training, and supportive ownership.

I can’t thank everyone enough.

Clients such as Val Sebestyn, Susanne Kimball, Alecia Rice, Ryan Hamann, Luke Black, Courtney Zamudio, Joey Streight, Ryan Sullivan, JC Bowie, Zachary Weeks, Chelsea Sanders, Julie Bowen, John Bowen, Jesus Martinez, Chase Guthrie, Chris Muter, Coleman Bullington, Dayvon McCarrell, Kiauntra Denton, Yanet, Madison Seely, Geoff Thomason, Derek Clanton, Kyra Kaffenberger, Hannah McFall, and Ryan Kropp. Thank you for trusting me to train you, thank you for working as hard as you all did.

Matt Taylor and his wife Maggie, Nick Gates, and Chris Thompson. Thank you for coming together to create a gym like this. I appreciate your work, your trust, and your vision.

Friends like Albee, Barrett Perdue and his wife Julie, Brad Block and his wife Taylor, the brothers Garrett and Riley Duckworth, Shelby, Rob Despain, Aaron Purdy, Blaine Sumner, Tristan Solo, Jacob Douglas, Mark Wissler, Marilia, and many more…

You guys all made this gym my home. I loved being here and seeing you all improve.

I truly can’t thank you all enough.

It was incredibly bittersweet to leave BrewHouse; I truly love this gym and I will always love it. I have trained around this country of ours, worked in several gyms, ran a couple, and have been in world class facilities. BrewHouse stands tall among that list as a premier facility. It is a family. It is a community.

As I moved to KC I searched the city for a gym that would fit what I thought a gym should be. I came across one called City Gym. They have trainers on staff who are educated, dedicated, reinforce good form, and in my visits to this gym I watched them work and was impressed at the level of expertise they had.

The management group is awesome. The owner cultivates an open environment and everyone from the GM to the training manager are hands on with this gym. They are building a second one in downtown KC which will open in April that is a few blocks from where I live.

They care about their members and you can see this in their day to day interactions, the events they have, the culture they created, and the quality of trainers they allow to work there.

To me, there was no choice but City Gym. It was the “all my eggs in one basket” decision and I am grateful they brought me on board to continue to expand my training career.

Not only do they have this great environment, they have the equipment to match it. Power racks, sleds, turf, KB’s, and the leadership from trainers to ensure members are being taught the right way.

If I was to leave BrewHouse, it was only going to be for a place like this.

I will miss BHBB, that gym is unique and special. As much as I miss it is as much as I embrace my new home in City Gym and KCMO.

Life takes some roads you don’t expect. Love moved me out of OKC to live 5 hours away, and I never saw it coming.

Thank you BHBB clients, members, and ownership for having me be a part of your family. I can’t ever thank you enough for it.

I plan to bring a little BHBB style to City Gym in KC and teach more people how to get stronger, better, leaner, and reach their physical goals.

2017 started off with some huge changes for me and I couldn’t be more appreciative for the opportunities I have in front of me.

Ashman Strength will make his mark on KC.



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