2017 isn’t a new beginning, it is an extension of what is

I do appreciate New Year’s resolutions, especially when they involve personal physical improvement. There is something uniquely empowering about taking control of your life in the one way you can immediately feel a tangible difference.

You can’t do that with your career because raises do not come after a few weeks of hard work.

You can’t do that with relationships because they take time to build, nourish, or repair.

You can do this with yourself because you choose to make it happen or to not make it happen. Your own progress or lack thereof isn’t determined by an outside source that is going to hinder you, it is entirely your call.

Where NY resolutions go wrong is when you set them up to fail by not creating a lifestyle to go along with it.

Where they go wrong is when you treat them as a punishment rather than a daily habit to make what you want a what is.

I won’t bother to bore you with reams of data, or psychobabble to help you with this.

I personally can’t help you with your lifestyle other than being a coach, dropping some knowledge I have gained from experience, writing a few words on a screen, or replying to e-mails. This is your call. This is on you.

2016 is over, 2017 is about to begin in a few short hours.

Instead of resolving to be better; resolve to be your best. Resolve to prioritize your life as important. You have kids? You have a wife? Husband? Career? Of course, we all have other people that are important to our lives.

The most important person in your life is the one reading this blog at this moment.

Resolve to make that person happier both physically and mentally and watch the rest fall into place like the last few pieces to the puzzle.

Happy New Year.


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