I am an elitist, and I admit it

I am an elitist. I fully admit that.

Not in the sense that I judge people by their income level; some of the best people I have ever met were financially average.

Not in the sense that I judge people by their possessions; your car or your clothing mean little to me.


I judge you by how you take care of yourself.

Before you flip out and assume I am fat or skinny shaming, keep reading.

Your choice is your own, if you are happy in your own skin, that is essentially what is important to YOU, but for the life of me I can’t comprehend how someone would accept anything less than their personal best.

You sacrifice personal time to get ahead at work. You sacrifice personal time to spend hours a week in front of a TV following sports so you can discuss them with your friends. You sacrifice personal time to go out on the weekends with your friends. You sacrifice many things in life that both contribute to your personal growth or are a part of your personal destruction.

I mean we can be blunt as hell about this and tell you that many “sacrifices” you make are solely for personal destruction.

I look at people who take care of themselves physically with a different eye. Even if that person isn’t at their end goal yet, even if they just started, even if they are 100 pounds overweight… they are TRYING.

They have made the decision to take control over the one area of their life they hold immediate control over, their personal health, physical well-being, and fitness level.

I walk by an overweight guy in the gym and I am his biggest fan.

I see some old woman running down the street whose gait is pained, and I silently cheer her ass on.

I see a kid learning how to squat for the first time and I smile broadly because he is choosing to lift over choosing to sit down in front of a TV with his Xbox on.

Those are my people, I am partial to them.


They speak my language, they feel what I felt and feel, they want what I want, they have decided to take control over their lives to better themselves in a way that even the most successful man in the world has done UNLESS that same man decides to walk that same path to physical improvement.

You see…

All that money you can make is wonderful, all the time spending at the bar with your friends can be fun, all those times you decided to just be lazy all week and not do a damn thing but watch TV can actually be relaxing at times but the fact of the matter is that it means nothing to me.

What means something to me is the amount of time you invest in yourself and love yourself.

That not only includes taking care of YOU, that includes loving the people around you. Your wife, your girlfriend, your man, your kids, your family, your friends. If you invest enough time into your own personal betterment, you have NO CHOICE but to invest time in what is important to you.


Because self-love is contagious. You want to share it. You want to spread it to your close circle. You want to build on it, nurture it, take care of it, and keep it growing.

That is why I am a proud elitist because I have seen first hand how a comprehensive plan of taking care of yourself physically, and loving yourself, has directly manifested into actions emanating from that individual to others around them, and their actions towards life.

I love the people who take a step in the gym for the first time and seek out the direction needed to improve themselves.

They may not know it at the time but they have just planted a seed that has the possibility to exponentially create growth inside them like they have never experienced.

Those are my people and it’s what keeps me going as a coach.


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