A month of free training for anyone who reads this – yes, I am telling the truth

Caught your attention, didn’t it?

But I am not lying to you. I am going to write up a month of free training that is a sample template of what I used to train Kenton as he prepped for his first class win as a men’s physique competitor.

How is this different from your usual “chest day, back day, arm day” stuff you see others take part in?

It is a lot different and it is based around the principles of the Westside Conjugate System with some tweaks in place for more aesthetic work. Instead of a traditional DE day, I utilized slow eccentric work.

I am sure not many of you thought about trying something like this, and to be honest I didn’t either until the idea popped in my head to use Kenton as an experiment and see what we could build.

Truth is, he improved his strength, he improved his muscularity, he improved his shape, and he finished much higher at his second show than his first.

Let’s take a look at how this would be setup.

Week 1 Day 1:

  • Machine Flies 3×15 – stretch and flex each rep
  • Barbell Bench Press – 10RM – stop 1″ from chest and 1″ from lockout for each rep
  • Drop off 15% of that 10RM and do 3×8 (hint, don’t do a TRUE RM for any rep max work, stick to about an RPE9 which is 1 rep left in the tank to prevent failing)
  • Superset: Barbell Rows 4×8 and Rear Delt Flies 4×12 – controlled movements here with a flex at the top of the row and a slight pause at the end of the fly movement.
  • Gironda Laterals 5×10 – rest 30s between sets.
  • Superset: Incline Hammer Curls 3×8 and Standing DB Curls 3 to failure using the same weight – flex each rep at the top, control your movement, and extend arms fully at the bottom.

For Week 2-4 you will change the following from the second lift:

  • Week 2: 9RM – drop 15% for 3×7
  • Week 3: 8RM – drop 15% for 3×6
  • Week 4: 7RM – drop 20% for one set of max reps to fail – have a spotter!

Week 1 Day 2:

  • Seated Leg Curls 3×12 – flex each rep hard
  • Squat – follow the same rep pattern as the bench press.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats with Smith Machine (DB is ok if you don’t have a Smith) 4×12 – controlled movement.
  • Superset: Leg Press 2×20 and Leg Extensions 2×20 – feet close together on leg press, controlled tempo. For the leg extensions I want you to have the same controlled movement and flex each rep hard at the top. Really squeeze those quads.
  • DB RDL 3×12 – Lower yourself slowly, feel the hamstrings stretch completely, stand up controlled and don’t stand up all the way. Keep your torso slightly bent forward at the end so you keep the tension on the hamstrings as much as you can.
  • Standing Calf Raises 3×20

For Week 2-4 you will change the following from the second lift:

  • Week 2: 9RM – drop 15% for 3×7
  • Week 3: 8RM – drop 15% for 3×6
  • Week 4: 7RM – drop 20% for one set of max reps STOPPING one rep shy of failing. You are squatting, don’t be an asshole and go until you fall over.

Week 1 Day 3:

  • DB Incline Fly 3×12 – stretch each rep fully, don’t go too heavy, feel the movement rather than try to push weight.
  • DB Incline Press with a slow eccentric 4×8 – I want a 5 count when lowering the weight. Go heavy and fight that weight down each rep for that count. When you are at your chest, pause for a 1ct and push it back up explosively.
  • Superset: Neutral Grip Pulldowns 4×10 and Straight Arm Pulldowns 4×12 – controlled tempo and a forced stretch at the top of the pulldowns as well as a complete flex at the bottom. On the straight arm pulldowns squeeze your lats into your armpit as you bring the bar to your waist. Use control on these as well.
  • Superset: Face Pulls with rope to neck 3×12 and Seated Cable Rows 3×15 – pause at the end of the face pull movement and get a full stretch and flex with the cable rows.
  • Single Arm Cable Laterals 4×12 per arm – lean away from the cable stack while using your other hand for support.
  • Spider Curls 3×10
  • Superset: Rope Pressdowns 4×12 and Tricep Bench Dips 4×8

For Week 2-4 you will change the following from the second lift:

  • Week 2: 4×7
  • Week 3: 4×6
  • Week 4: 4×5

The slow eccentric prevents you from going too heavy so it is safer than doing a normal heavy set of 5 with DB pressing.

Week 1 Day 4:

  • Pull Throughs 3×10 – slow eccentric to stretch the hamstrings out, activate the glutes, and then fire forward explosively.
  • Barbell Split Squat 4×8 – same eccentric as the DB Incline Bench Press. If balance is an issue, and for some it will be, use DB. Be sure to control the eccentric, get the pause at the bottom, and stand up quickly.
  • 45 degree Back Extensions 3×12 – squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement hard. If you don’t have this machine, you can use a normal back extension setup.
  • Sissy Squat 3 to fail – this are an old school movement that will trash your quads.
  • Superset: DB Step ups 3×10 per leg and Laying Leg Curls 3×15 – lower yourself with control on the step ups, stand up fully with each rep. On the leg curls I want you to flex your hamstring with each rep.
  • Seated Calf Raises 3×15

For Week 2-4 you will change the following from the second lift:

  • Week 2: 4×7
  • Week 3: 4×6
  • Week 4: 4×5

That is one month of a comprehensive plan I used to prep him for his show. This isn’t complete as there were many more variables to consider such as where he needed more work to build muscle, volume regulation, intensity regulation, and phase of the program.

If you give this a shot be aware that you take responsibility for this. Lift with good form, have a spotter available, train hard and smart, eat to recover, and enjoy it.

You may enjoy this type of training.

Go get it.


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