I am almost 42 and it’s been one hell of a year

Last year at this time I was about to enter a major health crisis that would radically transform my entire life, little did I know how much it would change me for the better.

Let’s take a quick recap of those events, the quick and the dirty version:

  1. Came down with strep and flu
  2. Heart decided to beat overtime
  3. Was trying to self diagnose
  4. Eventually ended up in ER
  5. Atrial Fibrillation which pushed me into CHF
  6. Two cardioversions failed
  7. Ablation didn’t fail
  8. Heart is back in rhythm and has since stayed there, CHF is healing up

A lot of details have to be filled in away from the heart debacle.

BrewHouse Barbell opened up in the beginning of the year and my services are through that location. I love this place, love my clients, and am lucky to be a part of a facility that was absolutely needed in the OKC area.

You know what, I don’t give a shit about the details of my past year, and I am sure you don’t care all that much either…

What have I learned from age 41 to age 42 that stand out for me and can be something you can take with you?

  • I have learned I am mortal.

For years I thought, “this couldn’t happen to me”, and I was proven wrong. Years of lackadasical effort in living a healthy lifestyle bit me in the ass like a Grizzly Bear. It took one bite to show me how wrong I was. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, it sure can. Luckily I am bouncing back from this but what if I waited one more month? I may be dead. There is never a wrong time to be proactive about your health.

  • I learned how to love

I can’t express it any better than this. The right woman, the right time, the right mindset, the right fit, the right everything, and I find someone I am completely, unequivocally, and deeply in love with. To say I want to grow old with her is an understatement. As cheesy as this sounds, it’s the first time in my life I feel peace with someone on a level that actually FEELS like it. No forcing it, no denying it, it’s real and I embrace the love I feel for her.

  • I learned how to love training again

I went back to my roots and am training for looks over performance. I am dropping weight, I am loving the process again, and I am not stressing if I miss a day in the gym. I count macros 4-5 days a week and 2 days I just don’t care. It keeps me sane and whenever my goals are met, they are met. My deadline is life. That is how I view it.

  • I learned to give up control over my OWN training

I am a coach and I love controlling my own training but I write dozens of programs per month and I am tired of writing my own. I hired Bryan Krahn to do my training for me and it has been exactly what I needed. He is good at what he does, we have the same basic mindset as per life and training philosophies, and he is giving me workouts that make me look forward to the volume. I recommend him to anyone, but be sure you give me a serious consideration as well. 😉

  • I went back to flying solo

No more “teams” for me. I prefer the solo route. I write for me, I train for me, I do my business for me. I am grateful for the time spent with Team PRS and they have a crew of lifters/athletes who are tremendous as what they do; for my own career path and plans ahead it is best that I go about them on my own. I don’t want to create conflicts of interest, nor do I want to step on toes in the process. I am a fan of the 10/20/Life program, but I am also a bigger fan of the Ashman way. For better or for worse, I fly my way. Thank you, Brian, for having me be a part of your growth. You will continue to grow and so will I. There is room in this business for all kinds of qualified people, you and your team are part of that. Keep progressing and moving forward, I plan to do the same. Thank you to Chris, Paul, and Morgan for being a part of my mentoring group. As I said in the text to you all, our friendship is for good, it doesn’t end with me leaving… and as far as I am concerned the same goes for the rest of Team PRS. Thank you for everything.

  • 42 and up is yet to be written

I have plans ahead. I will be working with Captain Jacked as he launches his business to a different level than just online sales and I am tremendously grateful to have been asked to be a part of that. Other than that… you just have to keep reading future posts and Facebook updates as they come… but life is a hell of a ride, and I absolutely love being alive.

Here’s to 41 years of life being put behind me soon, and here’s to another slew of years yet to live.

Change is good, embrace it.


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