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I have recently starting reworking the second Ashman Strength System book and it is going very smooth and filled with solid tweaks to the original program such as:  template for power athletes, modifying the original template for speed work, less max effort work, bodybuilding style training, and more.

These have been added to give the user a more well-rounded selection to choose from in their own training and allows the template to be further customized across a wide variety of training needs.

This is still a couple months away from completion as it will contain a lot of information to use and I want to ensure it is delivered effectively.

The meat of the book will be the general outline of the peaking program I use for many of my powerlifting clients. Along with that program the book will contain directions as to how to transition from the off-season program into the peaking program seamlessly.

I am excited to finish this book, finally, and have it be a complete product for you to enjoy.

In OKC, we have two USPA meets coming up in July and August that our gym, BrewHouse Barbell, is a main sponsor for. In both of those meets I have a combined total of 5 lifters competing who are either personal clients or those who bought a customized peaking program to use.

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Kropp
Susanne Kimball
Zachary Weeks
Logan Johnson

We have been open for 3 months and our crew of lifters is growing fast. Not only do we have the above five, but we have Daniel Hentges and Chris Thompson competing at Relentless MN, Blaine Sumner as our resident in-house world record holding IPF lifter, and Albert Adams who is a name who we will be seeing in the record books as he is only 19 years old and moving impressive amounts of iron.

The combined number of lifters, strength athletes, and knowledge in this gym makes us THE place in the OKC area to come for strength training.

We have plenty of other strong lifters who choose not to compete… yet.

Saying we are fortunate is an understatement, we all work hard to make our gym home a place to come to learn how to be your best. Thankfully Matt and Nick have allowed an environment like this to foster into something that is becoming a name quickly.



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