Short term progress is possible

One of my Physique competitor clients, Jeff Dennis, competed at his first show in April.

He didn’t finish top 3 but we did get some great feedback from the judges as to what we needed to improve on for his next show. The original plan was to gain some more size, work on the weakpoints, and pick a show several months down the line with a better package.

Jeff had other ideas and found one much, much sooner.

This leaves us with little time to prepare but with enough time to work hard to make some changes.

In 5 weeks we tightened up his waist even more, we threw some more muscle on his back, and we are going to be bringing him in much tighter, fuller, and leaner than before.

Fat is very low in his diet, he is eating enough carbs to fuel his workouts and recovery, he is training 5-6 days a week with extra workouts focused on the back, delts, and biceps.

In five weeks he has improved tremendously and you can see a profound difference in his back.

Jeff Dennis

A focused plan along with a goal-oriented diet is more than capable of short term progress. Often you read about “long term goals” and while they are needed, there are a lot of good things that can come from setting short term goals along the way.

Do you have long term goals? How can you break them up into short term goals to set steps along the way?

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