Big Pharma is killing me

Nothing like some atrial fibrillation and subsequent side effects of it to really make you change gears in training and life.

For the uninitiated, let’s take a ride on a timeline to give you the quick and dirty recap.

Beginning of Oct – Come down with strep and flu.

Middle of Oct – trying to recover, stomach is screwy, can’t digest food, can’t lift hard, always tired, starting to see edema in my ankles.

Beginning of Nov – Relentless Detroit. I fly up, I compete, I shit the bed because I feel like hell and edema worsens as does shortness of breath.

Nov – Feb – Symptoms get worse, start feeling it more and more, can’t sleep, and wake up catching breath at times. Eating one meal a day because appetite is shot.

Beginning of Feb – I am really getting scared so I go to ER. Resting heart rate is 199. I am in massive a-fib and I am admitted to the hospital.

My girlfriend flew down to help which was absolutely needed and incredibly sweet.

Ok, back on track from the loving shout out.

In the 2 weeks that followed my hospital stay – wasn’t feeling better, continuing to get extremely short of breath, hospital called me to check on me and said “you need to see your cardiologist ASAP”.

That was Friday, appointment was made for Monday.

Went to Cardiologist – upped my diuretic and changed a med up.

Lost 45 fucking pounds of water in 6 days.

Go from feeling like death to feeling like “holy shit I am going to be ok”

Cardioversion scheduled, it didn’t hold.

Electrophysiologist puts me on a rhythm controlling medication this week with a second cardioversion to follow.

That is a huge, clinical nutshell.

I am holding at 248, feel good, back to training people full time, business is growing and Big Pharma is trying to kill me… sure… if you believe the natural living is better shills they are.

I am on 6 different medications.

  1. Beta Blocker
  2. Diuretic
  3. ACE inhibitor
  4. Rate controller
  5. Blood thinner
  6. Rhythm controller

Goddamn, right?

Side effects should be killing me, right?

Nope… not a one.

Of course I can’t take a shot to the head with force, as the blood thinner prevents that so my lofty plans of running face first into a wall are derailed.

Other than that, if I didn’t know I was still in a-fib, I would have no damn idea I was.

Logic says (or asshole natural living logic says) I should be rotting from the inside out from the medication I am on, but instead I feel like 999,999 bucks. I would feel like a million but I am reserving that extra dollar for when the rhythm issues are corrected 100% and my heart is completely out of “failure” which is what caused the water retention.

I mean you can buy Hawthorne, plant sterols, CoQ-10 and all that shit, but they aren’t doing a damn thing when a diagnosis happens. When something goes wrong, Big Pharma is your best bet.

Of course I don’t mean you need to crush pills for every little damn thing. Got a virus? Rest. Have a headache? Use aspirin instead of swallowing 6 Advil. The list of common sense goes on.

When you have real issues, Big Pharma has real solutions.

Don’t agree? Have fun dying young.

This message is paid for by the fan club of Monsanto.


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