Coaching is mentally draining

I wrote this last night on my Facebook page during a conversation in which coaching was brought up. It is worth preserving here because the words will hit home for a lot of you.

Coaching is mentally draining at times. It takes a certain kind of person to do this job well. You have to give of yourself for others, push them even if you are having a bad day, listen to them when they have their own bad days, pull the best out of the most stubborn client and be tuned into body movement, minor injuries they may not tell you about and keep on top of their goals/progress so you can adjust to keep them moving along.

It takes intelligence to program sensible workouts, an eye on psychology to know what motivational tactics work with different people – for example I have told some clients to “move the fucking bar, bitch” and others I have to tell gently – that all depends on what they respond to and how tough you can be on each person. Coaches with a one-track motivational mind will fail because they can’t adapt to fit what their clients need.

Even with my online clients I can be harder on some while others I have to deal with by talking with them rather than at them. Some clients I have to be an earpiece for, some clients only report back what they did and they are incredibly self-motivated to the point where it is a seamless transition from program to results.

You have to be a businessman, this business is cutthroat. You get older and you will see more and more people coming in trying to steal your thunder and take your place. You have to stay on top by keeping your mind open to learning, adapting and growing in order to stay relevant as you age.

You get exhausted from the interactions with people, the different personalities, the need to motivate them, the mental aspect of it all and the effort you put into it….


Then the results come, they are happy, they hit their goals and you helped them achieve it.

As exhausting as it can be mentally, is as rewarding as it can be as well. That makes it worth it. The simple act of helping people achieve what they want to physically, while making money doing what you love, is amazing.

This business is not for everyone, the selfish people drop out because ultimately you give of yourself a great deal to help other people. The truly good trainer accepts they are the coach and allows their client to have success with their help rather than allow their client to help them become successful.

Are you a coach, or are you in this for yourself?


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One thought on “Coaching is mentally draining

  1. I do totally agree ,it gets frustrating at times. Trainees must realize that motivation goes hand in hand with SELF imposed discipline.
    Old Joe


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