Think like an Athlete

I was on social media today and I read a great quote by Dr. McGill on my teammate Sabrina Provoast’s update. It simply said, “If you want to be the athlete that you are setting out to be, you must live every aspect of your life as one.”

For those of you that just go the gym to workout, you may not understand the depth of what this means.

Those of us that play a sport or lift to compete; this is a quote to memorize and live by.

What does this mean exactly?

This means you eat to perform. You eat food as fuel and enjoy the variety you can get from healthy, nutritious food.

This means you move like one outside the gym. Dr. McGill is a big proponent of this with regards to back health. Instead of bending over, you squat or lunge down.

Instead of staying up late drinking all weekend, you cut yourself off after one or two and rest. You can take time to enjoy things a little more in the offseason, but even then you are still an athlete.

You train with a purpose and a plan. You map out your training while ensuring you have focus directed on what you need to improve for your sport. You train with intensity without being distracted by little things at the gym. You surround yourself with people who follow the same mindset you do as training partners so you all benefit from this plan.

You sleep well. You don’t live on 4 hours a night, you get what you need to recover and rebuild.

You study your sport. You listen to those that can teach you. You reach out to people who are better than you and you act humble when those people are gifting you with their knowledge.

Being an athlete isn’t reserved for the gym or competition day. It is a 365 days a year deal. If you are not mentally prepared to sacrifice parts of your life to be the best you can be, don’t expect to improve as you get older.

This mindset is not for everyone. Some people just want to compete to have fun, and that is okay. If you really want to do your absolute best, this is a concept you need to accept and follow.

I had times in my sport life, and training career, where I felt like hanging it all up and just training for the hell of it. After a few weeks I realized, each and every time, I am a competitor. I am not the best, I am not the worst, but I want to be the best I can be and if I can’t go into a sport giving my all, I should not participate in that sport.

That is how I feel about myself…

Here is the thing. Even if you train for fun, even if you train to look your best and never compete; you can still adopt this philosophy for your own training life to get the most out of what you put out in the gym.

This attitude is not reserved for merely competitors, it applies to anyone who wants to be better than yesterday.


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