A.S.S. Phase 2 Testing will start soon – sign up by contacting me

The first book has been a great success so far. If you ask me how many were sold, I have no idea and I quite honestly don’t give a shit.

If you ask me to tell you feedback on how it has been working for people, that I can tell you has been outstanding.

I have gotten emails from people telling me they have increased stagnant lifts, have gained weight, have competed using tweaks of this program successfully and who still use it over a year after it’s release.

That makes it a success in my eyes.

People have asked me if I was going to release a 2nd version many times. I have debated it over and over in my head. I do not want to be the person that just pumps out book after book to pad my pockets. If I can’t find a winning template, I won’t do it.

Needless to say I have refined a system that is an excellent shift towards meet prep from the general work you find in the first ASS book.

To give you two examples of client progress using my personalized template:

Nick has a prior squat 1RM of 485, he recently hit 4 sets for 3 reps, 12 reps total, with 455.

Andrew has a 95 pound total PR from his last meet.

For the first book I took on testers who all reported back some great progress but a few dropped out.

A few of them also became personal clients and two of them are still with me today, after over a year.

For this testing group I will take 10 people only, no more. The charge will be 75 dollars for 12 weeks.

For that you will get:

  1. Private closed Facebook group to upload videos, track progress and communicate with me and the rest of the group without the annoyance of email or other people outside of the testing group.
  2. Weekly program updates centered around a general goal of doing one thing – increasing your strength.
  3. Steep discounts on any future client services, for life.

I am charging for a few reasons. The amount of time it takes to answer questions, provide updates and tweaking as I go along to give the book buyers a complete package when the book is completed. To ensure that each person is fully committed to the plan. I have found that when you charge little to nothing for a program, people tend to treat it as an option rather than something to be valued. That is true across the board in most services unfortunately.

If you want to get in on the ground floor on an excellent way to increase your strength, contact me via my contact page or email me at jay@ashmanstrength.com

I look forward to this and I am very excited to be able to bring you the second ASS book.



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