A tweak to the A.S.S. book from a long time user

The ASS book is set up in a modified block system with regards to the main lift.

The first block is higher reps for light weight. Second will be moderate weights for moderate weight and the third is heavy weight for one to three reps.

Part of the beauty of this book is the ability to customize it to fit your needs, as it is a template and not an exact program.

With every single “program” on the market, you have to make it your own somehow.

Sure you can follow everything to the letter, but your body will adapt to a routine program, a static sets/reps and progress will stall after a period of time.

One way to tweak the ASS program is to modify one of the blocks. In this particular case, the trainee decided to make block two his “speed” block.

We have discussed ways to implement this and the basic idea he came up with to make this work is as follows:

Block one main lift – the customary higher reps from 8-10

Block three main lift – stick to the ME work for 1-3 reps for the day

The chance in block two will be from your moderate reps to using the same amount of weight as you would do for around 5 reps and sticking to single or doubles for multiple sets. The sets depend on you but I suggest sticking with anywhere from 7-12 sets of singles or doubles. Rest time will be kept to around 60 seconds between sets.

There are a few things to remember for the block two setup:

  1. RPE stays the same but since the reps are lower you should remember to monitor your volume. Too few sets and you won’t have a productive workout, too many and you are doing the opposite. Simple math can help you out here.
  2. Move the weight explosively. 
  3. Rest period between sets will be around 60s. 
  4. It is best to use the competition lift for this. Stick to another variation of the lift for block one and three.

Accessory work remains the same.

Now what about the program, the accessory work and further explanations how to put this all together?

Look below you in the footer of each blog post (including this one) and you will find a sweet little link to purchase the ASS book.

Buy it, read it, absorb it and when you are ready to tweak it to make it yours you can refer to this blog for one method to do it.

This is a template, not a program.

Make it your own, get bigger and get fucking stronger!



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